Grand Tourismo Tournament [subs closed]

Due to the huge amount of time freed up, it became clear to me that I am capable of conducting a large competition, the size of up to 72 machines. At first I will work according to the first level of difficulty, which is 24 machines, and if it proves to be within my power, I will announce the 2nd level of acceptance, which is 48 machines, and if even this proves to be insufficient, I will take all 72.

Grand Tourismo cars - translated from the English language as the great journey, and the term was widely used in relation to carriages, in which people liked to travel through Europe. Over time, the term has migrated to the automobile industry, except that the comfort of the vehicles has increased many times over!

The philosophy of this class is to create a comfortable and optionally luxurious car specifically for travel. For example, there should be properly configured and selected seats so that the driver does not get tired in his cockpit. How important it is, you can understand by personal experience of being in a cinema theater: 1 hour goes easily, 2 is problematic, 3 is hard.

Of course, it depends on the film - for example, the movie “Godzilla vs Kong,” I wouldn’t have sustain it through even 1 hour, and it is very well that I did not buy a ticket when I had the such opportunity, and went to the movie “Noise” where I got a shock stun, due to the fact that the volume in the hall was set very high. The movie itself wasn’t bad, but I had to have recovered my eardrums for all week to prevent the deafness from becoming entrenched.

So the goal here is the same as in truck making - you have to make sure that the job doesn’t bring the feeling of a square body and a sweaty butt.

Your car should allow for you using auto in little bit of comfortable mode - so that you can be distracted. It’s scientifically proven that better soundproofing, a video screen, and quality sound speakers with quality amplitude-balanced music contribute to an easier ride all the way.

You can use your Know-How, I probably have not listed all the possible solutions to create your own atmosphere and detachment of the interior from this world.

So, your high-tech unit will need to be able to be used in several modes:

  1. Pacific and Quiet.

  2. Luxurious and presentable

  3. Tightened and Frisky

  4. Practical and Economical

These seem like very distant terms, and thus you have a challenge - can you combine them all as much as possible so that the flaws are virtually invisible? Your way of solving this open-ended challenge is up to you.

Examples Of Design:

Bentley Mulsanne

Mercedes GTR - Warning - Use the example design with caution - Im not fan this design

Porshe Panamera

Almost everyone can crossed the finish line, the only question is, if your car is too unlivable, there is not can win a prize in result my assessment, although it will score just as well as the others.

For example, an engine that has a tendency to detonate, excessive destruction at high revs, no muffler, too high volume, diagonal tires with an ancient style width - may fall under the ban, so there is a chance to fail, if you do not know at all how cars should be made, and what the society thinks about it.

In other cases, I will return your car and give you 1 try to resubmit it.

In case of strong changes from - because of the update, I will give the opportunity to send your car again.

So, this is a competition, where the task is not just to make a perfect balance and find a loophole, combined with a good design to become a winner. Here the task is a little different - this competition can be won by chance by that automobile factory, which even does not suspect about it. And nevertheless, in this completely free competition, chances will be more at those, who tried to create what it is necessary.

I will be judging:

  1. Appearance 20 points (Aesthetics)

  2. Interior 20 points (in the absence of 0 points)

  3. Which parts are used in the production of the chassis (what is more beautiful and cooler and what will be preferred by customers - may affect the final standings)

  4. The points of automation (according to the spreadsheet)

  5. How well your car holds up in real life. (If automation says the worst is better, I will not accept its score. For example, a body roll of 20 degrees would be considered a bad design, even though the automation says it’s fine)

So with that in mind, I will use a total points system. In the message, I will indicate how many points I have taken away from the auto if there will be a serious offense.

Point scoring:

Warning: I have very refined taste, which means that what I like is likely to be liked by millions of others, so you can imagine me at the top of common tastes. That’s something I’ve tested repeatedly.

Limitations: Bad examples:

Anything exceptional, and something that has spirit, I’ll take well, but something that is sharply striking, rather odd and obscure, I won’t approve of. (That is, the hypertrophied Italian and crushed style I don’t like.) Of course you can experiment with it, but if you start to lose control, it will probably be a failure of aesthetics scores, even though some people will like such a design.

So, I’m going to use two scales: Total Scores and Lehmann’s 24 Hour Time.

Yes, you read that correctly: one of your complectations will go into an endurance contest. Here, you can make engines as powerful as you want, and you don’t need to redesign the interior for that. I’ve decided that the fundamental interior will be the city version.

And for that, you will have to determine the class of your car and assign the appropriate label.

For example, the city variant might have the name GTR, but for the Lehman, you have to use the following order of designations, according to the weight and power of your concept car that your firm has decided to produce:



GT1 HP >= 1000 minimum weight 1500 kg | 3308 lbs

GT2 HP >= 600 - 999 minimum weight kg 1300 lbs

GT3 HP >= 400 - 599 minimum weight kg 1000| 2205 lbs

GT4 HP >= 250 - 399 minimum weight kg 680| 1500 lbs

Thus, you send 2 complectations of your car.

The total time of Le Mans will be calculated by the ATT track lap time. The more laps and distances your team can achieve, the greater will be the chance of absolute victory.

Cooperation: a maximum of 2-3 people are allowed to participate, but in this case the body must have the name of your sponsor. It can be just a lettering or a label.

Rules are still subject to discussion and change until May 10, 00:00 Moscow time.

The rest of the assignment:

Competition among GT2 category grand tourers up to 999 hp.

If your company is able to compete in the market of cool, sporty, prestigious and luxurious cars in the Grand Turismo market, then go for it!

As a reminder, the car itself does not have to be a Grand Tourer, that is profiled only and only for great trips around the world. Here the abbreviation GT2 means fast and racing, and the number 2 means the class of the car. In this case, the regulations impose two serious restrictions: the curb weight of a car shall not be less than 1300 kg, and power more than 999 hp.

The closest interesting example is: Porsche 911 GT3 RS - my favorite car.

You well remember what important minus I found in this configuration: It has too low a suspension for a city car, or rather too small angle of the front overhang in combination with a long nose create a dangerous situation on the road: when even a slight slope of the road bumper and the bottom hit the asphalt, and it can lead to separation of the bumper and blocking the front wheels, because they will be above the ground. This in turn will reduce braking power at the critical moment. Tested in

And the second point: Engine power could be increased, and then on the track this assembly felt more cool, confident and perfect.

Okay, now it’s clear to you: do not go overboard with the track properties of the body and chassis, as for the urban set, because for this I will reduce the points.

Victory of auto and glory of constructor will be counted, in case total amount of points on all disciplines will be more than all other participants - constructors. That is, the victory will be counted relatively. And it is the one, who wins in all nominations of the others, will be the best.

Your cars will go to the race on the Sarthe Le Mans track.

Quality sliders: -10 to +10 only inclusive.

The final price of the city package is $400,000. Hard limit.

Total price of the Le - Man track package is $500,000. Hard limit.

The cheaper, the better. Nevertheless, the spread will be very large and it will be more interesting to compare them with each other.

This is quite serious challenge, so it can take a decent amount of time to complete. I set a build limit of 3 weeks, and the same amount for a full review. The more in-depth the analysis, the longer it will take to write reviews.

Generally speaking, this is a stand-alone challenge, and deadlines may still be negotiable.

So submissions will begin May 10, 2022 and end June 31.

My reviews will be written tentatively by June 21, 2022.

Examples of markings:




The competition will take into account the important parameters in the Lanson table. Perhaps I will more testing your cars in Beam, if I find the time and continue the analysis.

There will be four races, and there will be three comparisons - overall, in the respective class, and by total points.

Once again, I must remind you: this is not a real races, according to the FIA rigid regulations, but there are offers complete freedom in many things!

There are no other bans, including engine displacement, everything is based on your desires, knowledge and general world experience!

Messages: via Discourse Message only.

I was still thinking of allowing any Know-How regarding technologies invented by your factories that would give extra points, but decided not to overload the task.

Also, at this point I will not be modeling physics and looking for golden balance, so for example, if I include the skidpad parameter, here a larger number will mean better, rather than the maximum compromise and balance.

The rest will take into account my subjective knowledge on the judging point – . This will be necessary for writing the review and getting/removing total points, which will definitely get weight in the table if something is extremely unbalanced.

Some Rules

Footnote of bans:

  • Price $400,000 city trim/ $500,000 track trim

  • Weights and power parameters must match the table.

  • Some important restrictions that I pointed out in the article.

  • Qulity Sliders: both numbers inclusive only from -10 and up to +10.


  • Reliability.

  • Realism

  • Sportiness

  • Easy to overtake

  • Drivability

  • Comfort

  • Practicality

  • Economy

And other important parameters concerning driving dynamics, which will be used for comparison in the tables. I will try to make as complete a comparison as possible.

All terms are equal, for the city version you can do some easing, but all the complectations should be at a level.

All in all, have an interesting time! If you have a workpiece, and it meets the rules, you can send it in! But don’t forget that 2 versions of the car are required!

The racing version of Le Mans will only participate according to the track’s 24 hour distance table.


  1. NAME your project according to the naming convention
    Name of family Trim: GrandTT - your forum username
    Name of family Engine: GrandTT - your forum username
    Name of Variant Trim: The name of your car Brand + the name of the car model + Rounded Engine Displacement
    Name of Variant Engine: The name of your car Brand + the name of the car model + Rounded Engine Displacement

  2. It is necessary to present the machine here

  3. The year of production can be anything, but the default will be 2022.

  4. The metric system of measures is preferable, but you can use imperial

  5. Any bodywork type, anything that is identified with racing and this class. Long wheelbase is preferred, but you can try to make just a short sports car. However, if the body type is in no way associated with traveling, it will receive penalty points in the total table.

  6. You can use a conversion from one wheelbase to another in the presented Automation lineup. That is the city version can be able have more longer wheelbase.

I take that as:

  1. Comfortable, with low loudness levels.
  2. Prestigious with appropriate interior and exterior styling.
  3. Good handling and performance.
  4. Decent practicality and running costs.

What this means is that we’re aiming to build a high-end performance car that’s a jack of all trades - it could work in theory, but creating a racing version in addition to the road-going trim seems like overkill considering the title of this challenge.

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Well you have that notion. I’m not really interested in getting just high-performance race cars, I’m interested in a mix of styles. Now I just will adding a few rules.

Ah yes, google translate and its wonders. I take this to mean:

For example, the homologation variant might have the name GTR, but for the racecar, you have to use the following order of designations, according to the weight and power of your car:

GT1 = HP greater than 1000. Minimum weight 1500 kg | 3308 lbs

GT2 = HP of 600-999. Minimum weight 1300 kg | 2866 lbs

GT3 = HP of 400-599. Minimum weight 1000 kg | 2205 lbs

GT4 = HP of 250-399. Minimum weight 680 kg | 1500 lbs

Thus, you send 2 versions of your car, the street legal homologation version and the racing model.

The total time of the “Le Mans” event will be calculated by the ATT track lap time. The more laps and distances your team can achieve, the better your score.


  1. Name your project according to the naming convention
    a.Name of model: GrandTT - your forum username
    b.Name of engine family: GrandTT - your forum username
    c.Name of Variant Trim: The name of your car Brand + the name of the car model + (Rounded Engine Displacement)
    d.Name of Variant Engine: The name of your car Brand + the name of the engine* + (Rounded Engine Displacement)
  2. It is required make a forum post
  3. The model year can be anything, but the trim* will be 2020
  4. The metric system of measures is preferable, but you can use imperial.**
  5. Any body type***, anything that is identified with racing and this class.**** Long wheelbase is preferred, but you can try to make just a short sports car. However, if the body type is in no way associated with sporting****, it will receive penalty points in the total table.

*@kalan, please clarify, I don’t want to confuse anyone.

**I’m assuming this means the engine displacement and forum post, because the cars switch to the user preference ingame

***I’m not sure wht you mean here

****this seems to be reffering to realism

  1. As for the displacement of the engine, you can give name of your car plus also add the volume of the engine, such as 4.0 or 340 ci, to make easier to navigate between cars, in the evaluation process.
  2. You can put the year of the model 75 or 2000, the only difficulty will be that using ancient technology will be complicate the task and reduce performance.
  3. In the presentation of the car, it is desirable to show the characteristics all in meters, kilograms, liters. Do this – the participant’s choice.
  4. The body can be anything - for example, a liftback, sedan, coupe, and even a station wagon, but the main thing that it has 2 - 4 seats and has a sufficiently large trunk.
  5. It turns out if you just take a short Porsche body, it will be on the edge, but it will pass. The difficulty of this challenge will be consist in that can or not you will have built a comfortable car for long distance travel based on that body.

Add a new rule: You can use a conversion from one wheelbase to another in the presented Automation lineup.


And since nobody sent any cars, we can consider this competition over.

In general, I’m glad that it happened, because my dry eye syndrome has not yet passed.

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