GrandSport LLC

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Mission Statement
[size=85]Our business is dedicated to following the full range of our customer satisfaction with performance and opportunities second to none in the Automotive Industry.[/size]

Rights Reservation
+We reserve the rights to our, GrandSport Motors LLC., intellectual property.
+We reserve the right to terminate business contracts without notice due to relations.
+We reserve the right to terminate placed orders if there are potential repercussions post-trade.
+We reserve the right to claim ownership of any leased proprietary products after due notice.
+To deny service for any reason without explanation.
+To distribute our product to any nation.
+To ensure the customer can afford their billing via background check.

Product and Service Range
+Economy & Performance Automotives
+Joint Development Ventures
+Material Provisioning and Acquisition
+Tailored Product Supply

Chaser; 2.6L FP32VDC

2.2L FP 40V DOHCRev0.lua (55.6 KB)