Graphics stop responding after a few minutes

Best way I can describe this is the game starts and runs fine, but when playing for about 2-3 minutes the graphics freeze BUT I can still click on UI elements and the sound effect play, yet nothing changes on screen. I have no crash log or error report as the game seems to think its running fine.

I just upgraded to windows 10 and downloaded the Microsoft C++ Libraries and reinstalled DirectX 9 just to be sure. Nvidia graphics drivers are also up to date.

I encounter no sound issues like the few that have been reported previously.

Intel 5820k @4.2
Nvidia GTX780
32Gb Ram
480gb Adata SSD
Windows 10 Pro

Any Ideas?

This is probably not going to fix it, but try anyway.

  1. Verify gamecache
  2. Run the game on compatibility mode for Windows 7.

Should have mentioned i already did that and all that happened was a frame rate drop.

Check what’s running in the background. My system hangs when I have microsoft edge running, then it competes with Automation at 35% cpu each.

CPU usage is at 3-4% before launching verified by task manager and a third party program. Nothing else on my system has changed except the windows 10 install so I figure thats the culprit.

I’m doubtful the OS should interfere with the function of the game

I assume you’ve tried a full reinstall already?

Make sure Automation is using your GPU instead of you CPU. When I revently installed the game I had like 5-10 FPS, then I realized the game was using the CPU (intel HD graphics or something like that) and when I set it to use the GPU (some shitty low-range Nvidia) things improved significantly.

Also, have you tried to lower the resolution and the quality of the graphics?

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Did not try a full reinstall yet, but will do later when I get back home.

Computer does not have integrated graphics so thats not the problem. Decreasing the visual quality will have no effect on making the graphics not stop responding, as my computer has well above the amount of power to run it.