GREX Sports Cars

hello, it's me again
The little italian craftmen's team launches something totally against last years' trend, with a little and very agile mid-engined coupé, fully inspired by British and Italian sports cars from the Fifties and the Sixties. Co-engineered with Abarth®, this may be one of the last swan songs coming from a high-revving, naturally aspirated engine.

A light structure supports a bodywork made by aluminium panels, looking like it's have been shaped by the wind. The Turismo 1300s recalls an era when fast cars didn't need extremely edgy shapes or borderline technical solutions. The strong linkage to the past meets the most modern engineering standards.
Inside the driver will be surrounded by high quality leather and alcantara. A center-placed console will house all the essential gauges and satellite navigation.


The powertrain, made thanks to Abarth®, surely is one of the highest note of the project.

GREX Sports Cars preferred emotions to numbers, hence the choice of a natutrally-aspirated engine with the sound and the sensations that the drivers of the past felt behind the wheel. Despite giving its maximum performance near the red-line, the "Bialbero 1300" boasts great progressiveness and decent torque delivery without stepping hard the right pedal, allowing comfortable, long travels as an everyday car requires.

Price starting from €60.000 (54.500 USD), depending on exterior paintings and interiors coatings

In a car as light as this, a 1285cc inline-four with such a high specific output is more than adequate.