Grip Magazine - We don't want to drift (Issue #1 RELEASED)


What is Grip Magazine?

Grip Magazine is a car magazine, in which, mainly, we will try the latest market news, but also inform about the news of each brand, as well as make reports on classic cars. And, of course, comparisons.

The cars will be tested in BeamNG (and I have a G27, so the cars with manual gearbox, we can try them correctly)

I want to be part of Grip Magazine. What should I do?

It’s simple. Send me a private message :wink:

In what format will the reviews be published?

In PDF format, mainly.

But some articles could be published here.

What kind of cars do we try?

Any kind of car.

Any suggestion will be welcome.

GM members


(We need more members. If you want to help, please, send me a PM).


1.) GripHunters (1.1 MB)


How many cars can we send? Don’t want to overload you, but I have a few I’d want to test.


None by now. Since the intention is to test them in BeamNG, mainly.

But if it’s a new model, and you want us to count the first impressions, send it. 2 if you want.

So sending the Super S VI to you XD


Great! Send me, info about the brand and release date!

I’ll need to finalise the details first. Then I’ll send you the brochure :smiley:

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So you all know, I’m up for mostly performance car reviewing. DM me anything that targets a muscle-based class, sports-based, super-based, hyper-based or luxury-based.

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Will you review any car or only performance ones?

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If I make a brochure, would you read it along with the car? It’ll include all of the trims available and their details like bhp, torque.


I’m happy to take a look.

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Any car.

What I am saying is I’m kind of the performance department.

Ok it was to be sure, because the name “Grip Hunters” sounds about sports cars :wink:


It was only a matter of time, I’m looking for my first test cars!
So, I would like (ideally at least 2) mid-engine V8 sportscars with a trim year of 2016 or newer.
It can score in one of these categories:
Sport Budget
Convertible sport
Convertible sport B


Any requirements for the cars you will test besides trim year and demographic?

Must use a V8 and should be mid engine.

Submissions open!

Send us (to me, or to @Boxsterholics), the Automation car, and we will do the review. We will use both BeamNG, and, of course, Automation.

is L sport p an acceptable demographic?

What do you mean?