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Ground Loco Poco

I present to your attention the Terfan station wagon. The name was chosen quite quickly, but it is possible that it will still be revised for marketing. The car was conceived with the aim of creating a competitive wagon similar to Mercedes, but according to our prerogative to do the cheapest things and as high quality as possible, at a price the cars produced should be cheaper than even the well-known Volkswagen.

In-game prices were $ 11,600 for production costs and $ 37,300 for the final product. However, in life, conditions are different, and it will be sold for $ 20,000. It is much cheaper than the Volkswagen Golf 8, which costs 21,000 euros. With the similarity of bodies, the Terfan has a more preferable station wagon shape, as well as excellent visibility in all directions. This is a very useful property, since there are no rear-view cameras in it, although, of course, they can be easily introduced without problems in the future by concluding a contract with some company. But on the other hand, the salon initially provides for places and fasteners for any model of the DVR, both forward and backward.

This is a comfortable family car, where it is convenient to sit both in the back on the second row of seats and in the first one, so there is every prospect for children to grow up to the new height standards of 180 cm, and this circumstance does not require changing the car at all. In this he has all the advantages over the same Volkswagen Golf. With regard to convenience, the built-in variable hydraulic booster is thought out here, and the rest of the steering is copied from Mercedes technologies, as the reference of precise and comfortable handling. In view of the emerging trend requiring zero waste and safety of production, the car engine was also made electric, and its main components consist of steel, which can be easily melted and disassembled if desired. So far, he does not have a complete design as such, but it will never take long to complete, especially if the car becomes popular, it will be possible to do several restyling. It will not be left in the last place to track revisions as it affects sales. The headquarters of our company is quite small, but double shifts and overtime do not reign here. GroundLocoPoco has a large start-up capital and does not have loans, so it does not worry about debts to workers and banks.

Vehicle technical specifications.
The 173 nm motor with a peak power at 2500 has a fairly flat graph with a very low threshold for high values, which persist up to 5700 rpm.
Electric motor power 122 HP or 89.7 kW.
A full charge of 14.2 hours from normal mains provides a 324 km cruise ride. This is somewhat inconvenient in the cycle of visiting work, since the electric car does not have time to fully charge, but if you turn on the fast charging function, then, taking into account the gradually damaged battery, you can charge in 1.5 hours. Typically, however, a fully charged battery can last up to 32 days if work is within 5 km of home. Taking into account the constant on and off, then somewhere for 24 days. Thus, charging can be completely left over the weekend. With a quiet charge mode, this does not destroy the home power grid.
The maximum speed is 140 km / h.
Weight 1530 kg.
Tire widths are 160 cm at the front and 170 cm at the rear.
The size of the rims is 14 inches.
Acceleration to 100 km/h in 9 seconds.
It should also be noted that the car includes advanced safety systems 2020, making it fully collision-proof with large trucks and at a speed of 120 km/h.
Other features:
The 5-speed manual transmission allows you not to be afraid of sudden accelerations, which are harmful in the city.
The salon has a good premium electronics and design systems so it won’t feel simple. Also, a 4-channel stereo system is supplied to the salon by default.
A very versatile comfortable city car with four drive wheels.

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High-performance hypercar Crouline. The engine develops a power of 1294 hp. Rear tire thickness 255 mm, the front tires are 205 mm.
It turned out to be a very artifact engine that produces bizarre sounds with a direct type of release.
The rear wheel drive is controlled by a worm differential.
Crouline_-_Crouline.car (21.5 KB)


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I present to your attention my new hypercar-Super Charger Unlimited.

My goal was to create a car for BeamNG that would adequately steer on the highway.

Of course, creating a worthwhile transport for Beam is quite a difficult task, but still, if you try, you can do it.

To do this, I had to choose a non-standard tire proportionality — I assigned 27.5 centimeters at the front with a profile height of 8.25 cm,

And at the back — 325 mm with a profile height of 97.5 mm.

After that, it was decided to put the chamber tires on the corresponding special cast reinforced wheels with a diameter of 20 inches.

Oddly enough, but Automation indicated that all these tires could not withstand the load and exploded. Although visually they are more than suitable.

For all its projected agility, the car was created with an orientation to the city, so the suspension was chosen quite high — about 160 cm. The very same rubber was chosen as an urban type-an average composition, as opposed to competing semi-slick tires, which has much better grip in turns and acceleration, as well as faster wear due to the high friction force. As you know, semi-slicks have to be changed often, which is unacceptable in the conditions of the city.

By itself, this car was not created to drive in a city, and even more so, a megalopolis, but it allows you to feel quite focused on the track, where, taking into account violations of the rules, you can accelerate up to 180 km/h.

Its biturbed power plant of 1621 hp at a very high 6800 rpm makes the car accelerate in 4 seconds to 100 km/h, which is not a record, but is at the level of many Ferraris.

To reduce tire wear, it was decided to put an elongated racing dual-clutch box, in which two disks are involved. At the same time, the computer constantly calculates the expediency of turning on any gear.

Super Charger Unlimited was designed without reference to money, so its in-game cost was very high — $ 297,000,000.

The weight of the car is 2710 kg, which is quite normal for the game BeamNG drive.

The maximum speed is 442 km / h.

Super_Charger_Unlimited__-Super_Charger_Unlimited.car|attachment (45.5 KB)

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I present to your attention my new economical car SUPER TRAFT 500. Its efficiency is amazes imagination — 5.65 liters per 100 km. At the same time, the engine power remains quite good 89 horsepower at 120 nm at 3700 rpm. The weight of the car turned out to be very excessive here, about 1716 kg. Due to compliance with the Euro 9 standard, the car emits 85 grams of harmful substances per 100 km. The engine turned out to be extremely good, and therefore it will find application in other bodies, smaller in size. This car has unsurpassed handling with a minimum of precise technologies, and excellent braking. Due to the lack of power in the BeamNG, it shows itself very sluggishly in acceleration, overtaking and climbing uphill. But there is another modification of the Super TRAFT 100 car, which meets the Euro-4 standard for emissions and which is more frisky on the road. The engine power has risen to 190 nm and 120 hp at 2224 cc, which becomes enough for active use. One of the disadvantages of the car is a rather long body, which makes it very difficult to park without cameras. Therefore, by default, the car is equipped with rear and side view cameras, as well as parking sensors. Otherwise, the car was able to capture several markets at once — as a sports, family, sports pickup truck, and also received several points as a city car.
Super_TRAFT_100__-Super_TRAFT_100.car|attachment (28.6 KB)
Super_TRAFT_500_-Super_TRAFT_500.car|attachment (28.3 KB)

A car for rough terrain and the city. The Maplex remains a very fast car despite its low power of 39 horsepower. Powerful brakes are able to stop in seconds, and the wheels are selected for high-speed driving on the track in Beam. Despite the simplified technologies, the car has many unusual surprises. In any case, this is a very cheap jeep, which has every chance of becoming a cargo transport. Its weight is 800 kg. And it also has a normal fuel consumption — only 9.7 liters in the urban cycle. Max. speed 151 km/h.

Maplex_3C_40H_-_Maplex_3C_40H.car (20.2 KB)

The Super Charger Unlimited is the definition of a meme car: +15 quality spam everywhere, and correspondingly inflated costs (in terms of PU/ET) across the board.

As for the earlier Crouline, you posted the Beam files for it, but not its corresponding .car files for use in Automation - I don’t have Beam, but still want to take a closer look at it, if only to see the engineering aspect of it.

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Super Mega gorgeous Mercedes.

I do not know exactly which version I tried to model, but in any case it is not just an ordinary Mercedes, but a real hint of an artifactly Mercedes produced from some tuning atelier.

By itself, a Mercedes is my childhood dream, and even more so, in a sporty image — and it is no longer needed for any applied household purposes. As they say, you don’t need any additions for your favorite car — it’s on its own, a thing in itself.

This is a quite fast version of the implementation, which has a powerful power unit of 664 horsepower. By itself, this car was created by my brother, but his model seemed a little unfinished to me, and I decided to spend a little time on finalizing the design.

After some time, it seemed to me that the view became even worse, but anyway, the model took a little reflection of my character.

Also, by slightly changing the technical equipment, it turned out that the car became even worse for drift tasks. But now I have understood what specifications need to be made in order to get a really cool car for BeamNG.

In general, it turned out that my brother’s car turned out to be better at drifting — and what else can you do in BeamNG, how not to drift and arrange crash tests?

But the most pleasant thing here is the engine. It produces a rather beautiful electronic sound, but nevertheless, it even a little like on sound of the original Mercedes engine.

Exactly he allows you to maximally enjoy the sports chassis steadiness limits, what it is capable of, which in my performance begins to be used as a racing chassis. This is definitely not just a car, it is a very artefact vehicle, that has a soul.

This car improves the feeling of the atmosphere, in which you would not find yourself.

Post scriptum. This instance lacks only a good design. Because its technical performance is obvious.

The weight of the model is 1319 kg.

Maximum speed is 349 km/h.

Acceleration to 100 km/h - 3.3 seconds.

Weight distribution - 62.7% in front, 37.3% in the back.

The acceleration in the turn is 1.02 g.

Economy – 7.11 liters per 100 km.

Also, this engine set a record for emissions of 29.2 grams of harmful substances per 100 km.

Not very friendly, but beautiful.
MERSRDES_S_Concept_-_MERSRDES_S_Concept.car (25.6 KB)

I’m very confused by everything. But I like the eerie pics of the last one. BTW, in case you didn’t know - Automation emissions rating isn’t directly related to any real life values, certainly not grams of any substance - IRL only CO2 emissions are measured in grams, and those are directly dependent on fuel consumption (more fuel burned = more CO2), so the in-game rating surely isn’t based on that.

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As I’ve stated earlier, everything I’ve seen here is a victim of +15 quality spam everywhere. In no way is this realistic - such an approach is tempting for a noob aiming for max stats, but should be avoided at all costs. One piece of advice I learned long ago is this:

As it stands, however, everything you have shown us is oddly reminiscent of something made by the infamous CVJointSequence - in other words, a joke build. In fact the name “Ground Loco Poco” is utterly ridiculous - I do not know exactly what it is supposed to mean, and that’s assuming it means something at all in the first place.

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I chose the name of my company in honor of a fictional airline from the movie about Jackie Chang, where he says the phrase “she’s from Air LOCO POCO” in failed takes. I also liked this name because of the Xiaomi POCO M3 smartphone. But I agree the name is not serious, me need to name the fabric by the place where it is located, such as BMW. In the near future, I want to create a copy of the original car - a 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Edition.
But mind you, I am not participating in the challenge so that the cars match the quality sliders.