Group A Racing Challenge (Homologation and Racing) [Race Car Evaluation]

I would be happy about some feedback, what you guys think could be done differently and why. I am thinking about another racing challenge, maybe without homologation but mixing between ovals and road curses. As we saw the Budget is not giving bringing as much impact as exspected, but mixing between track types could maybe steer the field up a bit in the results.


To be honest, I am too late to the Party. But the whole Competition sounds so exciting, that I will enter the next Time too. Congratulations to all who competed, I am your biggest Fan.
(On a Side Note, i liked the Idea of a limited Budget.)

RIP the Lark, a better gearbox would’ve made it far far better

Not bad for the underdog! Thanks for the mentions

This was a very fun challenge.

I liked the budget ideas and homologation .

It seemed about right.vivlike how certain design decisions get locked in and you have to work around them.

I liked the homologation aspect and think it should be emphasized. Perhaps greater budget differences? Or some variable rules depending on homologation results (something like - the top 10% of market performers are exempt from weight minima, or are allowed further differences on the race car)?

I would like some importance placed on visual design and/or livery, somehow.

Comparing this to HTM and MM, I prefer races where the outcome isn’t entirely predictable ahead of the event. That encourages the sort of extremely tedious finetuning that makes development less fun. That thought occurred to me during MM - where I wasn’t winning, so complaining would’ve looked like making excuses for the lack of performance - but also here.

In general, I’d like there to be trophies for race events, probably some kind of graphic.

In addition to comptitive stats, the Valkyrja is one of the best Beam cars I’ve driven, and I’m pleased to see that its race results further reinforce the solidity of the design. For a learning opportunity, anyone may DM me for a copy of the .car and/or ask me about its engineering.