GRV Round 2 - Kübelwagen Substitute (First Impressions results)

GRV Round 1 - The Worker’s Car

What is GRV?
GRV means “Government-requested Vehicles” and passes in a fictional country called República Federal do Eucalipto (or “Federal Republic of Eucalyptus”) between 1946 and 2008.

A Third Position regime rules the country and it’s government needs a State-owned program to produce vehicles for both civilian and party/military use.


After the WWII, some Italians and Germans officers escaped successfully to an unknown place and installed a new government in order to build a new nation. The location has poor infrastructure and road conditions, but a good amount of natural resources.

They were welcome there, because their leaders was linked to Axis and its native people too. They won the next elections and the democracy became a authoritarian regime, but the people accepted really good.

The nation starts a industrialization program and need a new serie of standard vehicles to satisfy the needs. The leader orders the formation of groups of engineers to build prototype cars to eventually become the standard car of the Working class for the next years, within the condition of it fits the requirements imposed. The car that most fits the requirements will win the competition and gain a production version to be driven countrywide.

The Requirements

  • Reability

The roads are bad and full of curves, the environment is aggressive and the future owners will drive hard. Both car and engine must withstand abuse.

  • Mechanical simplicity

It must be easy and cheap to maintain.

  • Fuel economy

There’s a limited amount of available fuel. Most of it is reserved for military use.

  • Low price and production units

Must be cheap to produce and buy.

  • Production year - Between 1946 and 1949

This is the duration of the Program. After 1949, future submissions will not be accepted because the gov has already tested all cars and picked the winner.

Everything else that was not cited in “requirements” is irrelevant.

Winner = The competitor with the highest score in the desired requirements.


Naming rule:

How to submit:
Send the .CAR file via Discord private message (W A L L#5101) or #challenge-cars channel of my server.

Deadline: 29/05.

The results will be published in both game Forum and my YouTube channel.

Good luck.

Stable or open beta ?


1949 Fuck Yea Industries Nyooom Supervan

Nyooom Nyooom Motherfucker


Dezember, 1949.
The Leader of the República do Eucalipto checks the competitors and closes the period of submissions. Today he will tell to us his first impressions. Everything he said here has been shared in this video as a show.

Nyooom Supervan:


With the production year set to 1949, this fast and race-tuned van is apparently supposed to be an public transport vehicle, although it is obviously a MEME entry due to its tiny and narrow wheels, historical innacurate paintjob, 1 seat only and funky fixtures.

The push-rod 2L Inline 4 engine is torquey and simple, but does not have mufflers and runs on 98-RON Super Leaded Fuel, a very bad choice for a transportation vehicle for a nation in process of development. And why 1 seat only?

24.7 MPG is pretty good for a race van, specially in 1949. And the window design is kind of interesting. Its front reminds me a UAZ-452, a Soviet van made in the 60’s and still somehow in production nowadays.

Although its engine generates around 60hp, it runs pretty bad. When the 2nd gear is engaged, the RPMs drops to the bottom and continues decreasing, as if the engine will stall.

When fueled with the correct Low Quality 85RON gasoline, the engine don’t start and the overall reability drops to zero. The MPG significanly drops to 3.4 .

Scoring just 22,4 in Total Category Points, this vehicle is the worst choice for a developing nation after WWII, even if fueled with its standard Super Fuel or modified to run on Low Quality fuel.

Kilimov Fang:


The 1949 Fang by Kilimov brand is a Jeep-like Rear Whell Drive vehicle. The Solid Axle Leaf suspension in both front and rear allied with a Ladder chassis, All stell, 1.3L Inline-3, 3 Speed Manual Gearbox, 2 seats with basic interior without entertrainment and finally no safety makes this vehicle a great option for people who are looking for a simple, reliable and offroad car.

The AHS-13 85 engine is the loundest of this competition, 72.9 of loundness score. But is the 2nd lightest aswell, weighting only 11 Kilograms more than the lightest one and 147 less than the heaviest one. It is capable of push its vehicle to 112 km/h and make 21.6 MPG.

Passed, there’s no rule violation in this entry.

Pegga SB26:

@ James Ostrohlav

Another Jeep-like vehicle, but prettier, although appearance is not important here. It have 13 color options, very good!

The engine is a 1.5L Push-rod Inline-4, but lighter, cheaper, more reliable and fuel efficient than the previous competitor’s engine.

The 2-speed Manual Gearbox tuned to 150 km/h kills its towing capacity, but still a decent car due to its lightweight, less than 600 Kilograms. All the parts are period-correct and historical accurate; Passed.

CDI Prophet:


The early-50’s body painted with the default red color and simple fixtures catches my attention. This really looks like a 3rd world old car: A simplified version of a Capitalist car.

But this one was not simplified enough to fulifill a regime requirements. The seats are 5 with standard interior and there’s a Standard 40’s Safety. Also, it’s engine was tuned to run on Regular Leaded 92Ron Fuel instead of 85Ron Low Quality Fuel. Saddly, this 2.9L Inline-4 will knock till break down if someone buy it.

All regimes (no matter the ideology) has fuel shortages due to strong military consumption and I think that I don’t need to create a fuel rule because anyone with history knowedge would know this. For example, all of the Detroit Diesel engines given to USSR during Land Lease got a compression ratio reduction to run on Soviet fuel, which is mostly low quality. When Brazil imported the Italian Fiat 147 car, its engine also needed to be adjusted. When the Soviets captured some German Panther tanks, they complained that its V12 gasoline engines runs in high-quality aircraft gasoline only.

Sun Wagon:


The only 4x4 Wagon car with manual locker diffs in this competition, but that would be a good choice if this same car had not a Dual Overhead Cam-16 3.3L Boxer-4 tuned to run on 98RON, Double Wishbone front suspension, Aluminium and Galvanized Steel materials.

With $13.100 in total price (most expensive), this thing can be even worse than the meme van. Congratulations for this achievement…

Look I get that my car was a meme entry and I don’t care about winning, but the requirements never stated 85 Ron, at least follow your own broken rule set when judging, of course a car tuned for 98 isn’t going to run on 85 :joy:


There’s no necessity of make a fancy text edition due to the 0 number to total people interested in this challenge… So I’ll just copy and paste my video script here to finish it. At least I don’t delay 100 years in the same challenge like certain person does…

The scoring criteria in this Round is Total Category Points or TCP, a group composed of Reability, Fuel Economy Mechanical Simplicity and Price, the last two measured in a scale of 0 to 10. There’s also a extra criteria: Realism, this is why some cars was disqualified in the previous video. So, let’s begin!

The first finalist is the Kilimov Fang, a green n’ silver Jeep-like vehicle. The power is good for an engine of that capacity and specially for that amount of cylinders, only 3. The gear ratio, tuned to fuel economy, is a bit too long; but still capable of climb hills due to light weight of its car. Scoring 85.3 in TCP, this vehicle is a great option for a offroad, fuel efficient, reliable and cheap car, fitting perfectly in all requirements stablished by rules.

The second finalist is the Pegga SB26, another green Jeep-like vehicle but preetier. It scored 102.1 in TCP so this automatically make this the winner of this competition. BUT… The gear ratio is soooooo long that it barely moves its own weight and can’t climb hills, even weighting less than 600 Kilograms. So the true winner of the Round 1 of GRV is Kilimov Fang by the Discord user gag09. Congratulations! You built the Worker’s Car of the Eukalyptus Republic.

What an amazing, riveting and nail-biting finale to such a fierce competition. There were truly some beautiful cars in this competition, how could I possibly ignore the 1949 Fuck Yea Industries Nyooom Supervan by CriticalSet? Its green paint shines with such a brilliant lustre not unlike that of fine jade or even emerald. Its simple design is elegant and masterfully crafted, making the most efficient use of fixtures and has very well-executed asymmetry.
While small wheels may appear to be a questionable choice at first, one must dig deeper to find the cleverness behind this design choice; smaller wheels mean less rotational inertia, which makes the car faster overall. Furthermore, smaller wheels are easier to cast and replace, which allows for increase accessibility and ease of maintenance. Its tires can be shared with bikes as well, which is an added bonus.
Of course, how could I ignore the masterpiece that is the Kilimov Fang? Its body finished in straight up raw steel harkens back to the bare, unpainted fighter aircraft of the second world war, and it is clear that this utilitarian vehicle has its roots from this aforementioned conflict. It also reflects the dire situation of the company in general; they hardly had time to design the vehicle, and only gave it the bare necessities such as lights, grille, and handles, but they didn’t cheap out on those chrome wipers! Those massive wheels were probably sourced from artillery tractors or tanks for increased parts commonality, which is simply ingenious. Finally, that monstrous 1.3L I3 engine’s extreme loudness isn’t like that by accident; legends tell of entire battalions being hunted down at night by guerrilla forces screaming along in four-wheeled steel chariots of hell. This must have been that vehicle.
I must congratulate all of the participants in this challenge. I wish that I myself could have joined, but alas, Automation must take a back seat to college. I can’t wait to compete in the next challenge!



Dude, Dorothy Dixon much?

Please tell me that was sarcasm…

Terrible rules, hidden premises and snarky reviews of entrants that qualify under the wide open ruleset; I’d only follow the next competition to see who could troll the OP hardest, lol!

Don’t get me wrong, I love entering even sketchy competitions, but ones that require I be on Discord or via a third-party website to enter throw up big red flags for me. Couple that with a terrible set of competition parameters and an even worse fictional setting…

Argentina, just say Argentina, lol!

Used the system to overthrow the system; somehow I’m seriously doubting the last part of this statement.

So I don’t want to live in throat lozenge land therefore I won’t submit anything…

Working class? Aren’t all these Italians and Germans Fascist? We’d be making millitary vehicles or luxury cars, not personal transport for the Proletariat!

This + Millitary Junta = No petrol for the working class. The wealthy and the armed forces won’t share with the great unwashed. Ever.

Yet you gave no clear method on how to work out how well our car scores before submission.

My bad, You provided a vague scoring metric AFTER the competition was over, why was I ever worried!?!?

In summary, your horrible world where only brutal authoritarian Fascists have power is not compelling at all, your leaders would have snapped up crazy cheap Jeep’s from the USA (gotta stop the Red Menace!) and your leaders would pocket huge kickbacks at the expense of both the country and it’s people.

Your rules and scoring criteria were opaque and left out vital information. You then harshly judged entrants for breaking those rules. Realistic, in one sense, since Fascist leaders are known to be capricious and bullying, but it keeps your competition poorly populated with entrants and no-one will return for another round with you.

Your methodology for accepting entrants is dodgy; why post the competition and it’s results on the forum if you won’t accept competitors via the forum?

tl;dr: Bogliq USA is funding and arming the inevitable rebellion in Throat Lozenge Land as we value freedom, democracy and the right to self determination for all; not just the wealthy or those with the biggest guns!


0 contestants but there’s 4 similar looking entry?


Seriously? USA used to support Anti-Communist dictatorships in South America back in the Cold War, your country don’t like Fascism but hate Communism.

I am not surprised at the lack of interest in this challenge - there might have been something wrong with its fundamental premise that limited its appeal.


Seriously. Bogliq USA doesn’t care what the CIA does; we make sure money and materiel reach those who need it. Bogliq USA didn’t make sure the Nazi’s lost WWII just to let a little thing like US foreign policy get in the way of making sure Fascism is stamped out around the globe!!! :wink::sunglasses::money_mouth_face:

The VW Beetle was designed as a working class car by Mr. Mustache’s order. Also, “Volkswagen” means “People’s Car” in German…
You could edit this, but you didn’t.

Round 2 link:

Interesting… The VW Beetle may have been designed as a working class car that’s true. But you’re missing my point. “Mr Mustache’s” people’s car didn’t get built because… He massively prioritised building up his war machine over civillian production. So, shock horror, He chose not to build the Volkswagen and instead chose to build Panzers… Just as I said in my original statement.