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This is a new manufacturer, but judging from the teaser, they are sure to have a rich history from the 1950s to the present day. By the way, which country are they based in? And that straight-six in the bottom picture looks like a powerhouse - for its time, anyway.

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GSC L4 (1953-1959)

Brief Historical Background

Since 1952, Gregis Sport Cars is synonym of light, performing and reasonably priced cars. In nearly 70 years of history, GSC has become one of the very few brands that has kept untouched their values, even though so much changes during these decades happened. With an engeneering degree, at only 25, and during the hard post-war recover, Gianluca Gregis (1924-2009) decided to move to Switzerland, so that his possibility to realize his dream could have been wider. Since he was only 5, he used to accompany his dad, who was a racing cars mechanic, to every Grand Prix that took place in Italy, and every time a car whizzed past the finish line the little kid jumped for joy. With the same enthusiasm, and a help from one of his relatives, Gianluca managed to obtain the money to rent a small disused factory in Lucerna, so that he had the possibility to work, together with some his friends that decided to follow him at the first car that was ready by the end of 1952. Light, quite comfortable and quick, the L4 was the perfect competitor of the Porsche 356.

The audacity had to meet the need of presenting a car that could have been the alternative of the German apponent, keeping in mind that most of the european population was trying to coming back to normality, which meant offering a mid-priced car that could have been used everyday.
The 1.1 l boxer-4 was able to push the car through the narrow mountain routes with surprising agility. Climbing the mountains to reach the hotel for the winter vacations, or cruising to the coast during a warm summer day was as pleasant as speeding to reach the finish line of a local competition, that saw an absoulute domination of the new little coupé.

By 1955 the unexpected success and the constant and high standards brought by Porsche with the 356A, pushed GSC a step further, offering a more powerful version of the L4, the 1300s, able to develop 62 hp and reaching over 170 kph. Only 331 models were sold, and most of them in the North America, where the first GSC dealer opened in 1955 with the help of an Italian cars importer who was an old friend of Gregis' father.
The outstanding dynamic qualities was the reason why this little rocket had so much success in local hillclimbs. The echo of the victories arrived in the UK, where the first 1300s were sold by 1956. Despite the sporty DNA, the L4 offered two comfortable seats at the front and a bit of space at the back for some luggages, enough for a weekend far from the city chaos.

With a new decade soon to arrive, and the will of make the line-up wider, so that he could invest the consistent income of the first 5 years of life of the young GSC, the last L4 left the small factory in 1959, after 6 years of glory.


ENGINE (1300s)

1290 cc (75 x 73 mm) front-mounted cast iron block
DOHC 8 valves cast iron head
Compression Ratio set to 7,9:1
2 barrel twin carburetors
62 hp at 5200 rpm
48,1 hp/liter

Steel space frame chassis
Double wishbone front suspensions
Semi trailing arm rear suspensions
230 mm drum front and rear brakes
145/90/R14 wheels
Wheelbase: 2,12m/Lenght: 3,82m/Width: 1,67m
813 kg kerb weight
Four gear manual transmission
Top speed at 173 kph (107,5 mph)
0-100 kph (0-62 mph) in 14s
76,4 hp/ton