Guerra's Auto Design Thread

Guerra's Auto Design Thread


Thats right. Finally delivering epic cars to my fellow forumers :sunglasses:

look mom i learned how to css!1!!!11!!
Guerra's Brands

:portugal: Lusitano Motors
:fr: Garonne Groupe Automobile
:us: Westman Motor Corporation
:it: Romanum Automobili
:jp: Fujisan Motor Company
:de: Essenmotor Auto Group

(and likely many more in the future)


Each of these cars deserve a post of their own - in addition to the ones already present, do you have any plans to show any more manufacturers?

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Oh, Ill be doing that for sure. This was just an introduction post.

These are the only manufacturers I have right now. My main focus at the moment is having an individual post for each one of them with a model list and, if im patient enough, lore. After that, ill be posting about each individual car.