Guess the Car Game - New format

I don’t know if any of you have seen Petrol Heads? A UK Car comedy panel/quiz show, they have a Name that Car round, here are some videos:

So with the current Name that car, you get 1 picture of some obscure car and it all stagnates. Where as in the videos above they move the spot to a new location. Now the whole movement of the spot gives a lot a away. So we won’t do that. We will just keep releasing some spots over time.

Here is an example format I am proposing, someone posts a small portion of the car much like we do now. If no one has guessed it within a day, post another small portion. Eventually we will get the whole car to piece together. Each person is only allowed one guess per day, and no clues given apart from the pictures for the first 2 days.

I think this will be a bit more fun, and allows a few more common cars in, as we start with quite small pieces to start with.

Guess this car:

Day 1:

If no-one got it:
Day 2:

Day 3:
If no-one got it:
Its a ford, derp


First one in, starts it off:

2008 Ford Focus, european one.

Sure is :slight_smile:

That’s really obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

its a falcon I guess from the head light?