Guess who's back baby!

I’ve been following automation since the end of 2012 (or maybe january 2013, it was a long time ago), when I was 11 years old. Back when automation what an engine designer, and you got inline 4s, inline 6s, and V8s. back when you had that weird licensed music that i still listen to because it gives me a tiny smidge of the sense of wonder I got when i played this game years ago. I had a small stint as a closed beta tester, and I would draw cars on my free time. Just wanted to say, automation is everything i’ve ever wanted from automation, and then some. I’d like to thank you all, killrob and cas and andy and all the others, for giving my childhood (and adulthood, now) a hell of a good game to quench that car-making thirst.

Now that I’m back, i’ll probably be posting more regularly. Hope to see what you guys have been up to in the past 6 1/2 years!

//Bryson Ley, AKA DerpinEngineer

(p.s. website looks super slick, don’t know when this happened but good job)


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

You can grab your old key and convert it to a Steam key via the legacy accounts function in case you have not done so yet.


I actually did pick up the steam key whenever that was… been really enjoying what you guys have been doing! just wanted to post and say i’m back here. good times have been had here… remember my horrible pink disgusto-hatchback? that was an amazing thing.