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Removed unrelated set of 2019 cars. I was unsatisfied of them


Why did the XP-6 fail in the marketplace? Maybe it was too expensive and/or did not meet the criteria required for road registration in export markets. At least it looked fast, though.

It didn’t meet the criteria required.

Gonna submit some cars from Generations into the lore thread. This does not relate to the 2019 set of vehicles which i was unsatisfied with.

2007 Hakumai Premier XL (Generations Round 11.)

is where you can see further cars for that tournament. This thread will not be actively updated
Other Hakumai Models from previous Generations Rounds.


The new Hakumai Journey. It goes offroad, and on-road

1999 Hakumai Furcio (C50) (Used Example shown)
And a 2007 Hakumai Furcio (B70) Amateur rally with a 1.5L Engine.

Coming soon on 2 Slow 2 Fools