Hanoi Car Club Rally Race

1 week until submissions close!

48 hours to go until submissions close!

The ARVA factory team will enter with a rally tuned P21 Nachalnyk!


This is a car.

It’s slow and all that but I blame @shibusu for it because he engineered it.

(mr. @shibusu also did the interior)


It goes faster than 100 km/h, that’s more speed than anyone will ever need.

(that’s over 27,000 milimetres per second!!!)


It takes 7,5 minutes to reach that speed.

(that’s 450 000 milliseconds!!!)


Tarquini Vita RC

30hp is good enough for a rally car, right?


22.8 hours until submisssions close! Have recieved entires from @yakiniku260 @Hilbert @shibusu @Danicoptero and @Knugcab !



1950 Novomobil Centi Rally

With 112 hp from a 2 litre, triple carburetors I6, this car makes a different noise in the woods…



Now that I finally understand what Tech pool means, I bring you the…

Golden Florest

put some stickers on it and is ready for rally!

Submissions closed! Full submissions recieved from:

@Hilbert and @shibusu

Please watch warmly while the racers prepare.

oof finally found a challenge i was really intrested in but i was a bit late to the party ill watch keenly :>

Due to the update, I’m now allowing resubmissions! You have 5 days to submit your resubmission!

@Hilbert and @shibusu

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Will you allow new submissions? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure that’s fine go ahead!

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after a month?

1950 A.G. Chat 1200S

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Resubmissions are closed! Part one will be posted within in the next 30 hours!!


Hello and welcome folks to the grand opening of the Hanoi Car Club Rally Race! Be prepared for non stop action, crazy driving, and thrilling stunts! Let’s get right to it and introduce the 7 cars that will be competing!

ARVA P21 Nachalnyk! A big and powerful sedan from Archana! With over a hundered horsepower, it is sure to be a monster on the straight! Let’s see if the overloaded piston can hold up.

Brentwood 49! The fastest car of the lot.

Tarquini Vita RC! It’s a car!

Bennet (Modified)! Featuring a unique 4x4 drivetrain, this will help easily overcome any obstacle!

Golden Florest! This ostentatious coupe has a good top speed and cornering agility.

Novomobil Centi Rally! The most powerful engine of them all!

1950 A.G. Chat 1200S! Built with a unique space frame chassis which helps it have the fastest acceleration!

Who will win? Let’s find out! Here’s the first stage they’ll be competing in. It features a couple straights and a few big corners! Length: 3,474 meters.

Here are the times!

ARVA P21 Nachalnyk 2:13.748
Brentwood 49 2:12.538
Tarquini Vita RC 2:21.243
Bennet (Modified) 2:07.976
Golden Florest 1:59.29
Novomobil Centi Rally 2:11.006
1950 A.G. Chat 1200S 2:00.367