Hanoi Car Club Rally Race


Welcome to the Hanoi Car Club! A casual group, to be sure, but also containing lots of Vietnam’s best drivers, racers, tuners, mechanics, and engineers! Their usual daily activites consist of talking about cars, street racing, watching movies together, playing golf, and writing novels! But they have a special event planned, one where all can join! That’s right! A race. Not just any race however. A rally through some of Vietnam’s thickest forest! Are you a brave enough driver to challenge the jungle?


Car family year: Any
Trim Year: 1950 or earlier
Engine model year: any
Variant year: 1950 or earlier
No V16 engine
Interior: At least 2 seats in front row
Max budget: 17,000
Open beta

Techpool: You will have 35 tech pool points to distribute to your heart’s desire!
No negative techpool

Format: This race event will be held in 5 different stages. Where you car will drive through each of them! Your aim is to win, and you win by winning the most points! You win points determined by your position at the end of each stage. I will simulate the cars in a super advanced game engine (aka spreadsheet) of my design! Whoever wins will be the winner!

Automation stats will determine how fast your car goes, and if you even complete the race! Here is a breakdown of each stats effect on the race:
Drivability: The higher drivability, the less likely you are to crash. Lower drivability means more prone to mistakes.
Reliability: How easy the car is to repair when damaged
Utility: How hard the car is to damage
Sportiness: How easy it is to cut corners
Off-road: Decreases the speed penalty when going over tough terrain, which there will be plenty of!


Click on the car name to find its technical specifications!

Simca 8

Delahaye 175

Wilys MB

Renault 4CV

Bristol 400

Citroën 2CV

Rules deliberation will continue until 10/11/2023 and submissions open on 10/12/2023!
Submissions will close on 10/26/2023
Please PM me your car file with the model and family name “HCCR - username”

This is a new challenge so please tell me if the rules don’t look right!


Are we using the 4.3 Open Beta this time?

yes that’s right!

would be better if its 70s or earlier, is rally cars already exists in 1950?

I don’t exactly know whether 50’s Vietnam is the greatest place to have motorsports rally because…



I’m not sure 1970’s Vietnam is much better tbh. Luckily it’s a game so I say roll with it.

Also when was the last time we could build this early cars in a challenge. Sounds good to me

Lore-wise, is this a prequel to QFC32 - another low-budget classic rally challenge set in a developing market?

Restriction on fuel types?

Edit: And will these be stripped out or purpose modified car for rally? Or standard cars that are unmodified?

Will there be any limitations on tire type? Cross ply would have been the most common in this era, but radials can be unlocked with tech pool.

You can use any fuel you like! :slight_smile:

Any tire type!

No I just like rally!

I was going to ask since it was the 1950s, wouldn’t French Indochina have been a more appropriate name?

what does “pming” mean. is it private messaging? if so how do i do it? sorry i’m new to this website.

Yea private message just click on my name and click message :slight_smile:

my account is new and level 0. i will pm you as soon as i hit level 1.

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Rules deliberation ends tomorrow!!

I added a new rule to require 2 seats in front row!

As I saw, there is a very wide variation in the types of body. And what is the difficulty of the task, except that you need to score as many points as possible?

Reason is to have fun building and designing cars! :slight_smile:


Submissions are now open!!! :slight_smile:

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35 Techpoolpoints like in the weighted techpool spreadsheet or 35 absolute techpoints?

You can distribute 35 tech pool points in whichever way you like!