Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone, thanks for all your kinda support and contributions over the past year.

Firstly, the Contact Us form has been broken for about a month, I have only just realised this and should be fixed now. If anybody has tried to contact us, there are also email addresses available as well on the contact us page. I apologise that this happened, and that it got missed.

The RocketHub funding has all finished, but unfortunately the money is currently being held by an intermediate bank used to transfer the money from RocketHub in the US to ourselves here in Australia. The guys at RocketHub have been fantastic and very helpful in this matter, fast to respond to emails and getting this issue moving, but it has been frustrating slow in getting resolved with Christmas and New Years holidays. Hopefully we will finally get the money in the next couple of weeks.

Andrew is on and off being ill, it is an ongoing issue that may take a while to sort out. Nothing life threatening, just leaves him tired and lethargic.

We have been giving the Engine Designer some much needed love and attention. Trying to make it more user friendly, giving tips on how much torque bottom end components can take, or how well a muffler muffles. We also have a new set of engine sounds from Sonory, and can blend sounds between a very highly tuned 'race spec' engine to a very tame humble hatchback sound. We will release a video of this soon.

We should be back to more frequent updates again. So watch this space!


Happy New Year to everyone on the forum.
Hope Andrew has better health in the new year.
The progress on recording and sound is great. I’d love to hear how it blends together. I’m looking forward to a demo.

Excellent, guys, good to hear from you again!

Looking forward to a peek at the engine sounds, and hope Andy gets well soon. Excellent progress…

Yup, apologies for the lack of new art, and hopefully I’ll be back to my usual perky self soon enough :sunglasses:

Happy new year to you too! And may Andrew feel better in the following days.