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Having a problem? Read this first please!

Hello everyone!

Before you even try to post - please read this here and follow these Guidelines.

  • Before you post, please check the forums and use the search function. Maybe your problem occured before.

  • If your search yielded to nothing, you may consult the Live-Chat first. Sometimes the people there know the problem, but please follow normal talking etiquiette. We dont like people that rush in like that:

21:52:53 Dude has joined #automationgame 21:53:12 <Dude> can somebody help me? 21:53:22 Dude has left #automationgame
THIS IS WRONG. We are normal people with average reaction and typing speed. Sometimes you need to have the patience to wait 5-10minutes, we dont observe the chat 24/7.

When you make a Thread please follow these points

1. Describe your problem precisely!
A simple “My game crashes with [ERROR]” is not enough. How did you trigger it, what were the previous choices you did, etc.

2. Always include a DXDiag protocol
How to make one? Look here

3. Pictures can say more than 1000 words
[size=85]If you have a problem describing your problem, make a video or a screenshot. Sometimes its easier[/size]

4. Include the game logs
[size=85]Some other errors leave a hint in the logs. You can find the logs in “Documents\My Games\Automation”. Its KeeEngineLog.txt and log.txt we need [/size]

Do not hijack threads with your new topic.

Posting an issue which is similar but just slightly different from the original topic means that your issue may be missed or the original issue ignored.

Bumping and Spamming.

Please do not Bump threads, please do not spam new threads on the same issue.

Feedback & Suggestions.

We want to hear your feedback, but it needs to be placed in the right forum! All posts should go on the Suggestions forum, located here: automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=14 Dont forget to follow the guidelines there.

Some things can be caused by old files
Have you tried running the Automation Cleaner or deleting all old Engine/Platform/Model files?

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