Hawkmaster Xavier S

The Hawkmaster Xavier S is a budget sports convertible using the Greenseries engine, the 1.6L turbo I4 unit offers 134HP with 154ft-lb of torque & gets over 52MPG (UK) the aerodynamic body gives the Xavier S a sleek look while the large front fascia adds boldness. Weight comes in at just over 1000KG. The interior packs a punch too with adjustable cloth seats & electric windows, CD radio with phone connectivity included as standard. 4 Airbags & other safety equipment makes the Xavier S achieve a high score in safety. The Greenseries engine is joined with a single clutch 6 speed sequential gearbox with offers plenty of acceleration. Our car is aimed at the youthful buyer looking for a practical yet fun sports car perfect for the country roads.

Production will be 33 cars per day & will we retail at $20,000

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