Headlights turn on every time I change a material

So, I’ve noticed the new update adds light functionality (which is fantastic!) but every time I change a material on a fixture, the lights turn back on after I’ve turned them off. I didn’t see any obvious place to report a bug so I decided to post it here.


I don’t think that’s a bug; it’s a feature added in a recent patch - some fixture materials serve as lights instead of lenses now, and turn on when selected.

Yes, but that’s not what I’m referring to. I mean when I change the material of any fixture. I could be just changing the license plate texture and it’ll turn on the headlights. And it’s weird, too; it’ll turn them on at 100% brightness no matter what I’ve set it to, even 0%.


This might be the bug you are referring to:

It’s likely that it will be patched in the future, though.

yeah, I had this too. I don’t remember exactly what made them turn on(I was just adding or editing non light fixtures), but this happened so far on only one car in the ‘car designer’. To turn them off I had to go to the light control screen on the right toolbar and randomly clicked the light controls until it went off. (moving the light intensity to 0 did nothing)