Help a fellow member out!

As some of you may already know, I’m a semi-professional photographer.
And at this point i can’t really fund my own progress, so i made a crowd funding campaign - LINK

All i’m asking of the community is that you help me share the idea around the world.

And yes, I mostly do car photography.

My works HERE and HERE

Some good photography here, but where do you provide value to anyone but yourself? (That is vital for any crowdfunding campaign)
Why film? What can it do that digital can’t?

I can’t really provide any other value then my art.

I could do videos on how to, but there are tons and tons of videos on how to do photography.

Film has dynamic range, the tonal range is just mind blowing and it requires actual skill to get a good photo out of it

Film has dynamic range: Yes, but modern digital has more dynamic range nowadays and is more flexible.
The tonal range is just mind blowing: Yes, but modern digital sensors with 14-bit resolution are at least equally potent, yet more flexible.
Requires actual skill to get a good photo out of it: Yes, true, modern cameras make good photos much easier! But I don’t want “good photos”, I want excellent photos.
Excellent photos require just as much, if not more skill in the digital realm. I rather look at a excellent digitally crafted photo than a good analogue one.

and still you do have a lot of room for error…

speaking of DSLR, i do have one, and it’s not cheap by any means, and still the film feels more natural to me…

ofc it’s not for everyone, a lot will say that it’s a dead medium, but have you seen how much do medium format digitals cost?

I know Pentax makes an ‘‘affordable’’ one.

But by affordable I mean that a decent body+lens kit is the cost of a cheap hatch and not the cost of a luxury car.

“Cost” is the only argument that I would let pass: yes, medium format and large format analogue cameras are very cheap nowadays, while medium format digital cameras cost a fortune (even though the trend is towards much more affordable prices). That is probably something you should point out in your campaign, shooting medium format analogue does have some merits in this day and age still.

I’m no professional photografer or semi pro or something else. I only like to take pictures with “old” equipment, when I’m traveling around.

This is my device:

Don’t know, how old it is, but it works well! And makes wonderfull black and white pictures :wink: