Help: error when launching the game

hey guys
i recently bought and installed the game, but when i try to launch it it just loads for like 5 secs and just doesnt launch

solutions ive tried:
updating everything (.net, directx, visual studio and so)
troubleshooting (dx11 and safemode dont work also it says there are no issues)
antivirus (i dont even have one but i tried disabling a bunch of things on microsoft defender)
opening from the steam folder and ue424 folder (first one just opened troubleshooting except it didnt have the play buttons and the second one said error 0xc000007b when opened as admin)

error 0xc000007b when opening from ue424
everything seems to be updated
my pc is good enough to run it and even some other games that require better stuff

help idk what to do now