Help plese

is there anyway i can run smoothly on a laptop? if i turn the graphics all the way down it does but then i cant even see anything. what should i do?

I can run Automation fine on med-high settings, but try turning off SSAO.

What are the specs of the laptop? I can run it fine on a severely underpowered laptop at medium settings.

Also, do you have a graphics card in your laptop or is it integrated on your processor? It’s possible that you have to tell your graphics card options to be used for automation, and that it is currently using the integrated one. (I had this)

The integrated one should run fine, it can run the game well for me.

Yeah, I have an integrated graphics chip with my CPU and it runs ok for me, even with a 1.4GHz processor with 512MB of VRAM

ssao was the problem. thanks guys