Help with LUA Error

Hey everybody,

I have updated the game to the new build/patch (1103), but whenever I go to change the Quality/Tech slider in the Engine Designer, a LUA Error pops up.

“step() failed!:[string “shouldLoadFactory = true…” ]:2170: attempt to index local “Listbox” (a nil value)”

I click on the “Retry” button, then another pop up says the Launcher has stopped working.

Any solutions?

Thanks, bullko.

(Please forgive me if I have missed a thread that contains a solution.)

Does this happen in sandbox or in the scenarios?

Haven’t tried it in scenarios. Will do now.

EDIT: Same thing happened in Scenario

I have tried the “Automation” cleaner, reinstalled the build and what not and it still has the error.

The problem is not on your side, we’ll look into it.