Helpful information on COVID-19

Here’s a link to a very comprehensive document about COVID-19, how it works and how to best protect yourself.

COVID-19 Reddit Article

Even if you think you know all about COVID-19, this article is well worth a read to remind you of stuff you missed before, as well as more recent changes. The article also extensively links the statements to reputable sources so you can easily verify the information for yourself.

Stay safe everyone and keep everyone else safe too!


Thanks for posting this. I took a brief skim and aside from some editorial liberties most of the information posted here seems mostly consistent with the facts and advice provided to me in my capacity as a doctor in a public hospital service. The situation is evolving, but this post does contain appropriate caveats, and I hope it remains updated accordingly.

When I get home I will try to share some of the flow chart guidelines I’ve been given in order to help people self-manage insofar as when to be concerned or not.