Helping to Advertise Automation

Trying to grow Automation? Well this offer is a great step in the right direction. My father is a financial expert who has been helping small companies with explosive growth strategies for the past 30 years. He is also a big car enthusiast, so he would enjoy helping grow this game. He has handled more than two billion dollars of transaction over his career, and has helped countless companies go from bankrupt to millions. He would like to do the same with Automation. Contact him @

more credentials at … /2/a74/402

[color=#FF0040]changed the title to be a bit more non-spammy. /UltimateBMWfan[/color]

I’d suggest telling a bit more about your idea on here or how he can help instead of just giving a link to their email, because the Devs won’t listen if there isn’t a more specific description of how he can help :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m a Nigerian prince and would like to help you help others. I will make deposit of Million 4 Dollar to your bankaccount, write details here.
This is a one time chance, pls.

:mrgreen: Sorry, could not resist.

i just had an email about some Iraqi guy who got killed in the war :smiley:

I have to admit, I had problems seeing this as not spam the first time around too. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the offer, definitely appreciated but we’re not going to take it up without specifics. Also, we’re pretty satisfied with where the team is going right now (steady expansion). In this industry things are a bit different too, there are plenty of examples of people who got money from an initial success and then blew up because of growing too quickly, being unprepared for what it entails to grow. Not going to do that! We’re effectively doubling our team size within a year, that is a lot of growth already.