Hi all

Hi guys, my name’s Diego…and i’m new here :slight_smile: i’m a big motorsport fan, both 2 and 4 wheels…even boats or trucks. I love engines, especially 2stroke…so i’m here. I bought the Supercharged edition today so…i’m curious to see the updates. Keep up the good work, have a nice day :sunglasses:

Hey and welcome to the forums! Hope you have lots of fun with the game!

Btw, there’s a proper topic where you can introduce yourself: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=24 :smiley:

LOL…sorry guys, i missed that thread -_-’ first post, first error :smiley: thank you Pleb!

I just read your other intro post, glad to see another Isle of Man TT fan! Have you ever came here to watch the races? :slight_smile:

Oh my…! :smiley: i didn’t see you’re from the Isle! What an amazing place to live. I’m very envious!
No, sadly not, but…one day i will do my vacations during the TT week and, of course, i will do the travel by driving my bike. Maybe not the actual 125cc i have but…i’m mad enough so…maybe i will do it.
I love road racing…i follow as much races i can! mainly the TT but i follow the NW 200, the Scarborough race, Ulster GP etc… :slight_smile: i love the atmosphere in these races, very different than SBK or MotoGP races.
My myth is Joey Dunlop but…i follow McGuinnes, Rutter, Martin and…of course Michael Dunlop, very fast.

Happy to see an another TT fan. Driving on your roads it would be a true dream for me.

That’s great to hear! The course really is great in person, and there’s lots of places for good photos during the races. Sadly I don’t have a good camera, so I can’t get good pictures, but at some point I will buy one and get my photography on!

Welcome DeDios.
Another italian join the forum :wink:

Enjoy the game.

Sure :smiley: you MUST buy a good camera!! :smiley: and make thousand of photos for me! :mrgreen:
My favorite part is The Mountain!! I love that atmosphere…especially on sunset.

[quote=“NormanVauxhall”]Welcome DeDios.
Another italian join the forum :wink:

Enjoy the game.[/quote]

Hey, nice to see another italian! :slight_smile: yes sure i will! :slight_smile:

hi mate i went italy last summer and i enjoied i saw a lot of cars like ferrari and i love italy food you re awesome mate we can speak on skype maybe?

Happy you enjoyed my place :smiley:
Sadly i don’t use Skype…but if you want to ask something, feel free to write here or messages!