Hi folks! I just got the Automation demo myself

Well, after a few months of waiting, I finally decided to get the free demo…and I gotta say, it was worth it! :smiley:

I’ve already had loads of fun with the engine designer; in fact, I’ve built possibly a couple dozen different engines over this past week. Although my one significant nitpick is that I can’t seem to be able to design a full car in the demo(couldn’t rotate it to install taillights, etc.), it’s still been a great experience overall, and I will definitely be buying the whole game soon.

Thanks, KillRob, DaffyFlyer, and company for making such an awesome game! I remember playing Detroit and Motor City, and they were both fun to play with, but the scenarios got a little too complicated to work with. And if anyone remembers CarTest, that’s also been a real cool sandbox-type program to play in, but, because it’s a simple DOS program, it doesn’t have the visual awesomeness that this game does; Automation is perhaps the best of the bunch when it comes to this particular genre.

Heyya! Glad you’re enjoying the game.
You rotate the camera by holding the right mouse button while moving the mouse. Is that the only thing missing from your cars? It should be possible to design and test full cars of course! :slight_smile:

Also make sure you make a topic (and later on an account on AutomationHub) in the Car Design thread to show off your work!

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Sounds like everyone needs a hug! :laughing:

Free hugs from Daffy? Hell yeah!

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Can I have a welcoming warm hug? I’m new here c: and glad you like the game. I enjoy it myself too.

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