High Noon Touge Challenge [FINAL REVIEW OUT]

One more thing - a three-way catalytic converter of some sort should be mandatory, and to enforce this, the 98 RON fuel we are using should be of the unleaded sort (not the leaded form that is incompatible with catalytic converters).

Are these cars being judged solely on stats alone or will these actually be driven in BeamNG?

Would it be appropriate to make the car look like it’s been modded previously?

(i.e, its made to look like a previous owner added/changed certain parts?)

One of the example cars was only made between 1968–1972, the Skyline GT C10… I appreciate the inclusion of a classic car, but your examples might not match what your requirements ask.

Trim year is different to model year, trim will allow you 1994 tech even if you have an older car.

is 95 also fine? bc my engine is older and i only have 95 in my era? or engine Trim also 94?

Stats alone, not planning to do BeamNG session as some people don’t have BeamNG and that give some disadvantage.

98 RON is fine but highly recommending use 98 RON and as for the engine trim, i’ve decided to drop the trim year requirement since some people said they don’t wanted basic 80’s safety in their 1967 car.

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Would a pre '74 car with a post '74 engine swapped in require a cat or no?

Yes it is required to have one.

Thank you so much for putting in those Eurobeat mixes. I often listen to music while working on cars but listening to Eurobeat while designing a car feels like you’re ascending to another plane of existence.

Somewhere in Japan

Its been months since the Alessandro de Luca have gone hiding in Japan. His presence was lost. His whereabouts was unknown. He was reportedly scavenged in several cities as large as Tokyo, working odd jobs with the use of fake identities. Back at his home at Italy, he was involved in several high-profile car-jacking and robbery cases in Milan and Turin, and also have links to several crime rings around Europe. For years the Italian cops and other people couldn’t find him, and all those attempts to take him down proves to be futile.

Or not this time.

Narita International Airport, Tokyo

At the Narita International Airport, a young and beautiful lady with long hair and wears a black suit has arrived from an Alitalia flight from Milan. She took out a handbook, where she read about a snippets about some touge clubs and wrote something about the incident. There was rumors that the fugitive was hidden inside some touge racing club somewhere around Hakone, and because of that she booked tickets to there.

“A ticket to Hakone, please.”
“What’s your name, lady?”
“Sonia Rizzanti.”

The Milanese undercover cop was well-known for her driving skills, and the fact she had been involved in high-risk undercover operations while being successful. And the fact that she was rumored to be a illegitimate daughter of Marco Ferrari, a famous actor, and his mistress. But oh well, rumors be rumors. We don’t know what’s true or not, are we?

She then took the Shinkansen to Hakone, which it arrived there for not long after. But after she stepped out from the station, her phone rang.

“I know who are you, I know where you are and I know you have just arrived from the station. There’s a white sports car, take it, its yours.”

A white sports car was parked on the carpark, with the keys and a note on the window. She hanged here phone, approached the car, and took the keys and the note from the car. She then read the note.

“It’s yours, girl.”

She drove the vehicle, and set off to find a place where the touge racers were active the mountainous back roads.

1987 Zanetti GT240 turbo "White Storm"

The Zanetti GT240 turbo/300 series of sport cars was released in 1982 as a replacement for the Zanetti GT200/300 series as the firm’s entry level offering for the 80s. Like every Zanetti, the vehicle is hand-built in Modena in Italy, and it was only offered in LHD, even in RHD countries like Japan.

A stock GT240 turbo.

There are 2 models of the GT, the GT240 turbo and the GT360. The GT360 has a larger 3.6 liter V8, generating 270 hp, while the domestic-market exclusive GT240 turbo has a smaller 2.4 liter V8 generating 247 hp.

But this is no ordinary Zanetti. This was known as the “White Storm”, and its origins were unclear as for now. A new V6 from a Nishiki van which was rebuilt and turbocharged, now with 340 hp. Improved suspension and slicks means better handling characteristics. And a lot of modifications we don’t know as of now.

Which could be beneficial for the touge, I guess.

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i just noticed a thing

98RON fuel unlocks in 1985

cars after '74 are required to have a catalytic converter (thus unleaded fuel)

which fuel is supposed to be used, if leaded 98 is meant for “older” cars, but unleaded 98 is not available due to causality in the ruleset?



Does the vehicle have to be pre-modified?

i do believe that is how this challenge goes, considering the previous high noon related challenge worked like this (plus details like the 98 RON fuel or lenient restrictions on a lot of things)

Mons Hawk GT-X



The Mons Hawk GT-X was introduced in 1985 as the Group B homologation model of the Mons Hawk line of cars. Well… this particular car somehow ended up in Japan and got abused over the years. A shame, really, to mess up such a rare vehicle. But what is done cannot be undone. After the car finally blew up it was stored for a few years…

…until 1994, when a new owner decided to refurbish the dead car. So what I present here is the refurbished car, complete with complete engine overhaul and suspension re-tune. The car has also received some internal modifications. Externally, however, the car has been restored to mint original condition, and is indistinguishable from the original. Enjoy the four-wheel drifting!


Ah, was gonna try a 316i/MB C180 equivalent but that won’t go out well but tuned

Tokyo, One sunday evening in 1994.
An owner decided to snag a brand new Schnell N50 LSi off the lot. He modified the car, including the engine from a wrecked N60 And tuned the engine, giving it aftermarket parts, and a DOHC Swap, including a set of brand new fresh CWS Rims and sporting tires.

Unfortunately for him, his wife decided that his upcoming kids were arriving in a few months and needed a Kei car because his N50 had a 4.2 engine straight out of an N60 and the fact the car was not cheap to tax in the first place with the LSi package, making his taxes stupidly high and he needed to sell the car before more happened to his finances.


Performance Intake
Long Tubular exhaust
CWS Alloys
Side Skirts
Low-profile? spoiler
Titanium exhaust (insert titanium song)
Hood Scoop
Schnell M42 4.2L Injected (N60 Engine)
DOHC Conversion
Front Bumper
And more, you’d just need to know. only if you could


Lore about the car

The N50 was the first iteration of the N-Series, given to sub-luxury cars and the N60, being a executive car being under a unrelated platform which shared parts but other than that, the N50 had a 3.0 I6 for the LSi trim. It was only available as a sedan.


So you need a car for touge eh?
look no further than this modified Lance Mover.

Starting off life as a luxury cabover style minivan it has been modified into a road-going weapon, with fat semi-slicks, over 350hp, weight reduction and a general overhaul it will destroy your average 180sx, fast and functional is the name of the game.

making good use of its awd and large capacity it can even work as a support vehicle on the worst of off days, being able of carrying multiple engines and wheel-tire sets alongside a small crew.


Python Type-S 1966

Displayed in Sunburst Yellow

Introducing the Python Motors Type-S, a lightweight mid-engined sports car with a motorbike size DOHC 1.0L inline 6 making 101hp at 8,600rpm, full aluminium block and head with triple weber carbs paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The Type-S was an extreme featherweight at only 670kg, albiet underpowered among the competition, it’s low weight and small wheelbase make it handle like a dream, as well as impressive figures such as a top speed of 146mph, and 0-62mph in 7.39s adding to the performance.

It came with a choice of 2 colours originally in 1966: Sunburst & Hokkaido Snow, and an array of three interior trims: Black, Beige and Chocolate.