Hightest compression engine

Anyone had tried to make Skyactiv-G engine?
Because I’ve tried to make this engine with this official values:
carfolio.com/specifications/ … car=343090
carfolio.com/specifications/ … car=342419
carfolio.com/specifications/ … car=342441
This engine had the hightest compression in a petrol engine in the world to improve the enfficiency (is normal aspirated), but in Automation is the only straight 4 engine that I can’t make.

Ive tried these engines several times. Automation doesn’t really like high compression compared to the real world. This is the 2.0 with 14:1 compression.

If i reduce the compression to 13:1 i can drop to regular fuel and keep the same hp/torque, at the cost of slightly less economy (18.82%)
If I reduce the compression to 12:1 i can still get the same hp/torque, and get even more economy out of it (25.71%) since i can lower the fuel mix and up the ignition timing.

Automation is just quirky like that :slight_smile:

I should add that if you start with your own engine design and you want better fuel economy, you can just up the compression and then go from regular to premium/super gas, so in that sense higher compression works. I just don’t think Automation handles these new real world high compression engines quite so well.

I’ve gone 14:1 but I had to retard the spark and enrich the mixture so much it wasn’t very efficient, good power though. Skyactiv is constantly adjusting spark, fuel, timeing, they also use specific intake runners to utilize Helmholtz resonance supercharging, which we can’t simulation in game. it’s a wildly complex system and very mazda-esque.

But the Mazda engines, to use a 95 octane fuel and Skyactiv-G (the diesel Skyactiv-D uses a lower compression than a normal diesel engine) is the exhaust colector: uses a 4-2-1 exhaust colector to prevent the autoignition, and the engine is more efficient (a mazda3 2.0 Skyactiv-g requires the same fuel than a VW golf TSI 1.4 TSI; the real fuel consumption, no the official) and the mazda Engine uses the “rightsizing” (no downsizing) and is a 2000cm^3 engine NA, and VW uses a 1.4 TSI (TURBO AND 1400cm^3) and the power of TSI is lower than the Skyactiv.

The 4-2-1 header is good but its not the key to skyactiv, just one of the components.