Hilarious 2020 Group B styled Car with overboosted 2.0L i4

I build this for fun and for testing how much power you can get out of a inline 4 with max. 2000 ccm.

This is what i got. The car itself is not that pretty but the engine is quite badass. :smiling_imp:

Feel free to download and fiddle around with this build. If you want to use the engine in your creations, do so, but give me a little credit alias “SPC - Sky Performance Center”

Aimstar.zip (134 KB)

:laughing: Madness!!! :laughing:

Thanks for sharing this :smiley:

26.55 l/100km! :open_mouth:

Since the turbo is so big this engine resembles mereley a jetengine with this fuel consumption. :smiley:

I tried a little more and i got two (2) HP more out if this 2 liters.
For me it seems to be the maximum possible at the moment.