Hipi's Racetrack

Welcome to my very own fictional racetrack!

What started as a very rough sketch turned many iterations later into this little track:

Heavy breaking zones after long straigts and a mix of high and low speed corners set a real challenge to your car and setup. Enjoy!

First release contains the “international” version (ca. 8km) and a GP Version (5.8km) that cuts the infield. More variants (historic, sprint, national, club) and a trackwalk including lore blurp are yet to come.

Feel free to post your lap records here and use it in upcoming challenges.

Hipis Racetrack 1.0.zip (2.2 MB)

Cheers, Hipiracing


Reminds me a lot of Sepang, certainly an interesting circuit. Can’t wait to see this being used in some competitions potentially.

This is a well-designed track set overall - but does it run clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Thanks for your feedback :blush:

It is raced clockwise, I thought the layout of the runoff areas made it obvious enough.