Hippos Bug/Error report thread (collecting small issues here)

Hello all,

I tried out the new update since I was tempted by the better BeamNG exports.
Three things didn´t work:

Nr. 1: The cars export without windows - I have a workaround for that.

Tried like 20 times, everytime the glass did not show up. Headlight material however does export correctly. I found the solution by lowering the transparency settings. Is it intended that these are different from before?

Nr. 2: The “Fixed Fixtures” feature is completely broken, it does relocate the fixtures in a wild manner, and some are even exchanged with random ones. as seen here. The same happens when I go for the breakable fixtures:

This has happened 10 times out of 10 exports, so it is absolutely reproducable. The only way to prevent this bug from happening is using unbreakable fixtures.

Nr. 3: I used an interior camera placement mod that is now turned useless. In the release notes I read that you can now adjust camera placements in the game. But where? I looked over an hour for it, but that feature was nowhere to be found. Maybe I am just blind?

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UPDATE to problem 3:

It is indeed the same widget as before, now with the nice function that you see the field of view without constantly having to try-and-error in Beam.

What is not so nice is that only ONE camera works. A second one will neither work nor export. Most bodies have NEITHER a working driver nor bonnet cam, so you now need to decide if you want a proper view inside or from the hood.
This is overall clearly a step down from the previous version and I cannot imagine that this was desired by the developers, so I might have found another bug.

@MrChips Since I do not want to open a new thread and cause spam, I might address it here: The power density calculations have changed after the patch, and almost every engine has trouble now - even a lowtech V8 with 100 horsepower out of 4 liter… I think this might not be accurate. My turbodiesel replicas even almost blow up after the update.

And the camera issue for exports does not seem to be a problem of the exporter, it already can only handle ONE camera ingame before the export. as the field of view (really a very nice and helpful idea) freezes on the first camera and does not work with a second one.

Yes we are aware of this issue, and we’ve got a fix queued up already for the patch. Turns out it was a minor calculation error that made power density limits so insanely low.

Camera export issues is proving to be a very complicated thing to solve, but we are working towards a solution.


Is the cause of the export fixture placement issue already identified or are you still working on it?

I’d have to have a look but I believe we’ve at least partially solved it with the fixes so far.


Sorry for the ping, but the camera bug has NOT been fixed in today´s update. It also seems not to be a problem of the exporter since it is already messing up in the moment I add a second camera, so way before hitting the export button.

This is really ruining the gaming experience in Beam since most bodies have no default hood camera and that´s currently really annoying, so I wanted to ask if that bug is still in the focus of the devs.

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Yep, we’re having a look at this right now. Is it a generally broken thing, or just specific car bodies that are causing the issue? The problem on our end, at least, is that we’ve found that both are happening.

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Some bodies do have pre-set cameras, in case of the hood cameras, that´s mostly fitting, some don´t and the default beam camera is set somewhere on the driveshaft.
On a rare occassion, bodies have both cameras pre-set, however, the driver cam is mostly not perfectly fitting, since every interior is different.

I guess most modders / creators simply didn´t think about that so that´s why most bodies do not have a pre-set hood camera, well, they propably didn´t consider this because it´s completely irrelevant for Automation.

In case the creator hasn´t set a hood camera, that´s where I have the problem. I start placing the driver view, then the hood camera which is useful for narrow driving, since I place my interior cam quite far back to actually see the interior, unlike real life. When adding a second cam, it overwrites the first and makes that one useless.

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I have this problem when exporting any car, it also happens to some users. Any solution?

We’re looking into this and will push a hotfix for this as soon as possible.


To be fair, todays update makes the game a lot better. Besides all the frustration about the ongoing camera bug, I need to state the following:

  • It’s still harder than in stable to build a car that the game considers excellent, but it’s now not as Impossible as before. Still quite high comfort expectations, but I think thats what the devs wanted.
  • The whole gearbox thing is now working a lot better. Finally I know what I am doing due to the game reacting in a way that makes sense.

I have absolutely no problems by un-checking the new “extended boundaries” Box. I dont know whats that for so I didn’t use it

With the recent update, both cameras now export properly.
The field of view when setting a camera in Automation is still working for only one, but I consider that a really minor issue. The most important problem is now fixed as far as I could try out with various cars.

However, now the Automation photoscenes “London 1970” and “Overpass 1990” are broken. Both are absolutely vital for my challenge, do you think it´s possible to fix this until christmas when there is the deadline for the entrants? I already submitted/reported the crash details over the game crash tool.

Image is for attention only. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can confirm the issue.
If anyone has issues opening Photo Mode at all, it’s likely because your last used scene before the update was one of these. Try this setting in Settings->Misc:

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It is extremely unlikely that these photoscenes will be fixed any time soon.

May I ask why, or more precise: What´s the problem there?

Can you downgrade me to the previous version after judging the cars in the current one? So that I can actually run the challenge properly?

The London scene did have some weird lighting issues before it got dropped. Oh well, I unsubscribed from the workshop mod to prevent any accidental CTDs.