HNC2 : The King Wants His Crown Back [PART 3]

High Noon Challenge 2

19th January 2024 / 1:00AM - Daikoku Parking Area, Yokohoma, Japan


Friday nights at Daikoku roar to life. The looping Wangan off-ramp vibrates with chrome and camaraderie. Bonnets pop open, revealing mechanical marvels that churn horsepower for hungry eyes. Local tuners mingle with exotic beasts, and the air thrums with the pulse of petrol passion. Forget rest stops, Daikoku is a petrolhead pilgrimage.

The scene crackles with anticipation. Amidst the usual Friday night hum of Daikoku, a trio of cars adorned with the enigmatic High Noon Club stickers has turned heads. People murmur, eyes darting between the gleaming paintwork and the drivers shrouded within. Are they legit members of the legendary racing syndicate, or merely posers basking in borrowed glory?

Tsukuba’s worn asphalt held no thrill for them anymore. The echoes of countless victories and the ghosts of past glories felt like a gilded cage. High Noon Club craved the raw adrenaline, the untamed beast of the open road. The asphalt ribbon stretching before them wasn’t just a track, it was a siren song, a call back to the days where speed was king and freedom was measured in kilometers per hour.


Yui : Maybe you should stop using that intake that you’ve been craving about to your car, now look where your car at, AT THE WORKSHOP! Hahaha


Oka : Laugh all you want but i’ve asked Jun to make my car faster on the Tsukuba, just to see your sorry ass crying behind the wheel.


Yui : Yeah yeah whatever floats your boat, atleast i didn’t gloat about some bootleg oil filter or whatever you got.


Mr.B : Well, i mean Yui isn’t wrong though.
While Mr.B walked to them after chatting with other strangers from the parking lot

Mr.B : SO , the guy who i had just pleasant chat with just asked if High Noon decided to make a comeback to highway racing again or not and…


Oka : And…?


Yui : And we said no to them because those days are over, dude


Mr.B : I’ve been thinking, sure why the hell not? It’s been a while since we’ve conquered the highway


Oka and Yui : Wh-what!?


Mr.B : Hear me out, it’s been a while since we’ve raced on this route after we’ve moved to Tsukuba racing, so why the hell not we take our crown back and conquer the highway again?


Oka and Yui looked at each other confusingly and wasn’t sure on this out of nowhere decision from his big boss.


Yui : You sure about this, boss? Cops are more aggresive and the road’s ain’t what it used to be. It has more traffic and more precautions compared to our hay-days on the Wangan line.


Oka : Yeah, the road ain-


Yui : Shut it, twink. You weren’t even there back in the 90’s.


Oka : H-hey! I’m not that young!


Mr.B : Yeah, i’m all aware of those cons that you mentioned but where’s the fun on that? Besides, my Newman here needs to his aura back on the highway, granted it’s not fast compared to today’s standard but more upgrade wouldn’t hurt to her.


Oka : Okay let’s just say we make a comeback, what about crew members? It couldn’t be the three of us.


Yui : Especially with this guy, heh. Am i right??


Oka : Yeah, real funny, Yui. Have you ran out of points to mock me yet?


Mr. B : Guys, let’s focus on our BIG deal here. About crew members, i know Oka has very good knowledge about making websites on the Internet. All coding doodats and so what not, so why not you make a website about recruiting people from all over world to join our racing club?


Oka : You can count on me, boss! Making websites is easy peasy to me.


Mr.B : And Yui, you can make your usual magic which is making flyers and spreading them all over Tokyo like you did back in the days.


Yui : You got it! One dozens of HNC recruitment flyers coming right up!


Mr.B : Now we’ve made ourselves a promise here, Sitting here for an hours with these humid air and awful stenches from these strangers makes me wanna leave this place. How about we go to one of the katsu shop and fill our stomach with delicious curry instead of sniffing car tyres for hours here. Let’s go, guys.


Oka : Alright boss, see ya there.

Yui : Oka’s treatin us, right?

The trio walked up to their each car with exception Oka riding with Yui’s car as aforementioned his car was in the workshop.

tl;dr they wanted to make comeback to highway racing and they’re looking out for new crew members.


  • Overall Tech Pool budget (Car Tech and Engine Tech combined) : $200M

  • Fuel type : 95 RON (Regular) or 98 RON (Premium).

  • Max Price : $300k soft limit. (The lesser, the better)

  • Model Year can whatever you want to set but Trim Year should set to 2020.

  • Realism rules apply here so stupid transverse V12 engine meme build, cars with huge side mirrors or fixtures, i’ll instantly insta-bin it.

  • Race parts are allowed except literal race tires because you’re building a street legal car, not a race car.

  • Advanced Trim Settings are allowed but too extreme adjustments that are so out of place compared to the OG stats or visuals is not allowed.

  • Interior not required, not stopping ya from making one so.
  • Only send in ONE per entry to the host.


:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Drivability : Well i mean, you’re racing on a public road so having a car that barely controls itself is a big no for the HNC club. They respect other road members on the road and they don’t want car that does wheelspins for 10km that scares other road users.

Design : HNC is all about looks, they underestimate people with such boring and so amateurish looking cars so you better make yourself prepped up for them!

Sportiness : Yeah i know Wangan line is just a drag race but often times they enter the C1 and New Belt Line if they’re not feeling 300km/h all the time. That and swerving around road users on the highway often times needs cornering abilities, right.

Safety : Safety is one of their top priorities for the club members and other road users.

:star: :star: :star:

Reliability : Reliability is not their top priority but they don’t want cars that suddenly explodes after 1 minute on the highway.

Comfort : You can have Recaros, Bride or whatnot but please don’t make it too barebone like race cars, atleast have some comfort for your drivers lol.

:star: :star:

Fuel Economy : Mr.B can sponsor gas money for the club members if they’re broke but going to gas station frequently too much is what makes Mr.B turns off.






Naming Scheme and Misc.

Naming Format (both Model name only, Trim name is your car’s and engine’s name) : HNC2 - [Your Username Here] or you’ll be insta-binned if you didn’t follow this naming format!

A flyer, advertisement or whatever is required so i can sprinkle more magic to my story.

Runs on latest OB version.

If there’s an update where the stats are screwed, i can delay the deadline.

Course Rundown

For those who don’t know or aren’t familiar with Wangan, C1 and New Belt Line route, this is route that High Noon Club will usually race on, it’s not just about straight line speed or anything, cornering abilities matters too. Your car will be tested in Automation which will be explained more in Test Track section below.



Test Track

As there is no aforementioned Tokyo highway lines in Automation, i’m using Nurburgring as a C1 + New Belt Line + Wangan line replacement which you can download below, i’ll be using the non-BTG one. (3.4 MB)

(Contains Nurburgring and Yatabe track)

Put the folders in




I’m surprised that (exterior) aesthetics are not being judged, when in fact they should be - after all, the High Noon Club would rather accept a car that looks the part, not something that looks bland or ugly.

Also, this is the first time I’ve seen a challenge with a combined total techpool cost limit and a techpool point limit, although both are very generous, in keeping with the $400k AMU soft price cap.

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Is car and engine TP 110M each or combined? because I don’t think it’s possible to use all of the techpool if it’s the total cost of both



Edit: sorry abg


the original post was edited, it didn’t have design as a priority at first


I’m assuming the $110M figure refers to the combined techpool cost caps for both engine and car added together.

So did I but I reached 110 million with plenty of tech pool points to spare with and none were over 8 iirc

I figure this is to allow you to specialize in some areas (e.g. bottom end, or aerodynamics) at the expense of others, min maxing the key components to your build.

Also, to be clear can I ask for some clarification on what is considered reliable for more than 1 minute on the highway? Reliability stat over a certain treshold? Do the stress of components play a role into it?

Does the same apply for safety? Reach X amount and you are good?

As for fuel economy I presume the higher MPG (or lower l/100km) the better, but how much is considered to be okay?


hi this is an announcement that this challenge is now opened’ed, go wild with your entry or whatever idk i’ll eat oreos in the next room


What do you mean by a flyer? Is that the same as a poster?

Yeah, as long as you have info about your cars

1989 Avian Procure (2024 Street Build)

Some other pictures of the car

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Isn’t the price ceiling extremely high? Like even a fifth of the budget would get a supercar in automation world

Is there any benefit to making something a lot cheaper on the level of the inspirations?


Currently making a ‘shuto kousoku trial’ inspired car that has 650HP out of a 3L I6 and goes over 400KPH

Yeah you’re right, 500k is a bit too much after I did like 3 test mule for this challenge, I’ll lower the price and for those who already submitted (really that damn fast?) And have over budgeted, you have an option to re-send to me again once I’ll get home and fixed the price cost

With a combined $200 million in tech pool, $350k is still extremely generous (we’re talking race parts/carbon fibers with quite a bit of quality) - are you expecting people to use up all the available budget or like “the lower the better” or…?

The latter but i’ll probably lower it down to $300k limit

Sorry for lots of rule changing after the challenge is opened, the Ellisbury update made my brain cannot comprehend the revamped engineering stuff lol

anyone wanna collab? I would do the engineering

Cavaliere Nobile Testosterone “White Knight”

The 80s called, they want their most iconic car back. The Testosterone is the brilliant combination of sportiness and comfort. It was prestigious, had heated leather seats and was fast as hell. At the price of being unreliable and harder to handle than all your affairs with the secretaries.

This restomod called “White Knight” keeps the legendary design and most visible parts original, but is tuned from the ground up for stellar modern-day performance and it won´t spin in the wet.
Enthusiasts boons like rear wheel drive and manual transmission have been kept, but whoever knows the original will be astonished how tamed this car is now, despite making you look like you could handle a challenging classic. Nobody will notice until looking inside with latest safety features and infotainment.