Hockenheimring Lap Times (Short + GP)

This is the leaderboard for the fastest cars around Pyrlix’s Hockenheimring tracks.

Send your car around the Hockenheimring (Short AND GP), record the lap times, then you MUST PM me a screenshot of the test track time. (also, a screenshot of your car’s stats would be helpful, but isn’t necessary) so it can be put on the lap board. If it won’t let you attach a file to the PM (As it does sometimes), then just upload it to somewhere like imgur and PM the link.


  1. Your engine MUST have an MTBF value of higher than 0. (This means car MTBF, calculated in the Model Designer. NOT the one calculated in the Engine Designer)
  2. It can’t be an edited engine (with LUA files), this is considered cheating and will not be counted.
  3. You MUST specify whether your car is intended to be sold as a production car, or if it’s a pure race car. Your lap time will then be placed on the appropriate board. (NOTE: Rules for defining a production car/race car are detailed below)
  4. No cars from any later than 2014. Cars from the future will not be counted.
  5. Times PM’d to me without screenshots will NOT be counted. (With exceptions for imgur links)
  6. PM’s with only the Short track time or just the GP time will not be counted. You must give times for both variants.

Production Car RULES:
[ul]]NO Race Tubular Exhausts/]
]NO Semi Slick Tires/:m]
]NO Ultimate Fuel/:m][/ul]

Race Car RULES:
[ul]]Make it fast./:m][/ul]
Feel free to PM me with suggestions.

This is the leaderboard for the Hockenheimring tracks ONLY. For those looking for a leaderboard for a different track, here’s a list:
Jakgoe’s Automation Default Track Lap Times
Strop’s Green Hell Lap Times
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When the AutomationHub website is finished, this leaderboard will hopefully be moved to the proposed ‘Challenges’ tab on the site, but until then it will be here on the forums.

[size=150]Lap Times (Production Cars)
(Hockenheim Short times are in brackets)

  1. Baltazar Photon Road-Racer - 1:44.3 (1:16.5)


[size=150]Lap Times (Race Cars)
(Hockenheim Short times are in brackets)

  1. CRI Lightfury Lusso - 1:43.6 (1:05.3)


[size=150]NOTE REGARDING AERO BUG[/size]: Due to the recent aerodynamics bug that people have utilised to produce such quick times, I will completely wipe the leaderboard clean after a fix is released, to make way for new times without the bug. Feel free to submit revised versions of your cars when this happens though.

[size=150]AS OF NOW[/size]: There are no downforce limitations for production cars, but be warned: The leaderboard will be cleared when a fix for the bug is released, so if you rely on this bug for half decent times, you will be at a disadvantage to those who know how to be fast without ridiculous downforce figures.

Finally the first time has been sent in by Leonardo9613. His Photon Road-Racer goes straight up to the top of the board. And the bottom. And the middle.

Id like to see one of those with limited aero so people dont slap as many wings on there car before the game crashes on them.

I hate that as well, so my car only has a double-wing and 2 lips. Its performance isn’t dependent of the aero-bug.

As stated at the bottom of the OP, the bug can be used until it’s fixed. This way, people who rely on the aero-bug will be unable to be competitive unless they improve their skills without the bug. This also encourages submitting cars without the bug now, so that when the board is wiped they can still post good times without the bug.

Also, since this bug is pretty much frowned upon, it isn’t being used as much as people expect anyway.