Hot Hatchback Challange

[quote=“strop”]Nobody’s leaving any pictures of their hatch!

Since the ‘affordable’ bit was dropped in favour of “does 170mph” (which I LOVE, btw), I decided that yes, the Rally Zoope Commemoration Edition (GG Tune) would be a fine choice to enter. Be warned, in detuning the car to a top speed of 200mph, I made it faster around all the tracks than it already is.

Stats on request, but for now all I shall say is, it’s unholy fast for running such skinny tyres.[/quote]

Old Man Prato is proud!

Here is my entry in this extremely malleable battle of wits…

Presenting the Bogliq V-Max Sport!!! :astonished:

It’s a 3 door according to the car designer so it’s an official hatchback :wink:

So the C7 Corvette and the Ferrari F12 are hatchbacks as well? Interesting…