Hot Hatchback Challange

Can You create a fast, affordable, and fancy Hatchback? This is where you do just that! Try to make a good hatchback that can go over 170Mph without a turbocharger. After that there is no limits so you have a wide selection of what to do. Good luck! :mrgreen:

Are the cars going to be raced on a particular track?

and just to confirm, there is no budget, production unit or other real restrictions aside from 170mph top speed minimum and no Turbo?

I think the airfield track would be recommended. And only the 170mph and no turbo is the only things you need to worry about.

The Achernar X90 strikes again! :smiling_imp:

I think i will try to make a car myself! :smiley:

I think i will try to make a car myself! :smiley:

so basically i can enters V8 superbeast provided it has a hatch back door?

pretty much what i did… :smiley:

Yes you can put in any hatchback you like thet does not have a turbocharger and goes over 170 mph.

I had one in the Prato Zoope Commemoration Edition, but that was definitely NOT affordable :laughing: but if budget is not an issue, that’s precisely the vehicle I’ll enter, ho ho ho!

Prato Zoope Reppin hard!

I was considering a Zoope variant, but might use the mid engine hatch with the ultra large engine bay. 9.8L v8 anyone?

I can’t create a hatchback car because not a single engine will fit in the model. Too big or a glitch? :confused:

look at my submission :wink:

If you are using front transverse engine position don’t expect much engine room. Try front longitudinal.


and depending on the suspension components you chose there is more or less room in the engine bay. McPherson struts take up less space then double wishbones

Also, unfortunately, you can’t put an engine into this body if you’re going Longitudinal AWD.

R10 SR is going to be here!

Nobody’s leaving any pictures of their hatch!

Since the ‘affordable’ bit was dropped in favour of “does 170mph” (which I LOVE, btw), I decided that yes, the Rally Zoope Commemoration Edition (GG Tune) would be a fine choice to enter. Be warned, in detuning the car to a top speed of 200mph, I made it faster around all the tracks than it already is.

Stats on request, but for now all I shall say is, it’s unholy fast for running such skinny tyres.

That looks fast! :open_mouth: