Hot hatches thread

Here you can post any hot hatchbacks- or any cheap, practical, fun cars you have made- there are no challenges in this thread, just show off your builds! Ordinary cars are also welcome if you want to show the changes you have made in making a sport model.

There are no real rules here, but some info and stats on your builds would be appreciated.


At first I was gonna dismiss this as another redundant thread, but thinking about it that’s actually a very nice idea - that way we can build some image of Automationverse market, forge company rivalries and other interactions - in general, integrate our forum brands into a consistent fictional automotive world. Too bad I don’t have any up to date hot hatch currently :smile:


I’ll go first with my latest build- the 2005 HMC Nebula RS.


Partial aluminium panels, steel monocoque chassis
Macpherson strut front suspension, multilink rear

2499cc N/A DOHC 4V 60-degrees V6
219hp @7400rpm
173lb/ft @4800rpm
Rev limit @8000rpm
Compression 10.3:1
Multi-point per-cylinder EFI
Long tubular headers, 44mm dual exhaust

5-speed manual transmission, FWD
Geared LSD
215/50R16 tyres (same front and rear)
Vented 2-piston front disc brakes, solid 1-piston rear
Semi-active anti-roll bars

4 seats (2 front, 2 rear)
Standard equipment includes variable PAS, aircon, radio/CD, ESC

Weight: 1311kg
0-62mph in 7.3 seconds
Top speed limited to 155mph
34.4mpg (UK)
Approximate cost $30600 (in today’s money)


You make a great point that didn’t even cross my mind at first. I really wanted to see what other people have made in a similar vein to a lot of my own builds (I do a lot of hot hatches and you’ll end up seeing most of them at some point in this thread).

In case there’s any confusion about the brands I introduce in this thread (there will be a few of them) I gave a quick summary of each in another thread.

The spec sheet is definitely one that belongs to a car no automaker could make today, and it definitely looks promising. My only gripes are that semi-active sway bars are overkill on a car like this, and a plain steel chassis won’t offer adequate rust protection even for 2005. Also, the solid rear discs may not be up to the job. Other than that, it’s a solid first entry on this thread.

The rear brakes were fairly large and provided plenty of stopping force- steel chassis was to keep costs down (the car is French, it would rust regardless). I also should have mentioned the semi-active sway bars were an optional extra, taken from a full-on track version of the car.

1995-2000 IP COLIBRI 2000 GTX

Treated steel panels, galvanized monocoque chassis
McPherson strut front suspension, torsion beam rear

1998cc N/A DOHC 4V inline 4
145hp @6800rpm
140lb/ft @4600rpm
Rev limit @7500rpm
Compression 10.7:1
Multi point single EFI
Short cast headers, 63.5 mm single exhaust

5 speed manual transmission, FWD
Open differential
205/55R15 tyres
Vented 2-piston front disc brakes, solid 1-piston rear
Passive anti-roll bars

4 seats (2 front, 2 rear)
Standard equipment includes, among others, power steering, electric windows, drivers side airbag, ABS, CD player

Weight: 1123 kg
0-62 mph in 8.5 seconds
Top speed 144 mph
24.4 mpg (UK)
Approximate cost $23600 (in todays money)

OOC: This engine has a horrible fuel thirst and will be undergoing some reengineering before I will use it in another vehicle.


Sounds good. If you can increase the engine efficiency but keep the power it’ll be great! What are you going to use that engine in?

Old build, before I got the grip that high compression is not the key to effiency until later years since it has to be compensated with too much fuel or too wild camshaft to keep it from knocking.

I don’t know really yet where to use it, but the Nissan SR20DE is the loose inspiration for the engineering and Nissan used that engine in about everything they made for a while, so…

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My earliest builds were horribly inefficient so I always dropped the fuel mixture down to 15.0. That usually also meant lowering the compression to prevent knocking.

TBH I don’t always agree with how Automation calculates fuel economy, some small carbed 70s engines actually were quite efficient, due to high compression with the tradeoff of having to use high octane leaded fuel. To replicate an engine like that in Automation means that you have to drown it in fuel and the thirst will be horrible. The best example I have was when I tried to replicate an Opel 1.2S from a 70s Kadett. IRL you could (if you were careful) reach 55 MPG UK, in Automation it landed around 18… But that’s a discussion for a different thread maybe.

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Some modern hot hatch that i made a while ago for CSC

doesn’t really have engine in it since i just put whatever engine i have and slam dunk into this car lol

made a Alfa Romeo Brera ripoff and of course, it has V6 and FWD in it.


2001 Bitroen Baxo VTS

2012 Aanholt Agile GTi

I can’t remember the stats, but you can look up the Saxo’s IRL stats on google.


So you may be wondering: "why does that hatchback… kinda look like a Porsche? And that’s because it is, hypothetically. I made it a couple months ago for the “what if?” thread, but just… never posted it. The idea here is that hypothetically Porsche held ownership of VW instead of the tables being turned, like what happened in real life. VW then adopted a lot of Porsche design language, with the fancy Porsche mirrors, LED headlights with 4 square-ish projectors surrounding them, light bar in the rear, and a similar front fascia.

As far as specs, it’s about as unrealistic as the hypothetical situation it exists because of. 3.4 N/A flat 6 making 340hp at 8000 RPM, with an 8600 redline. The power is transmitted through a 6-speed manual and transverse AWD. Automation says 0-60 in 4.6, but I recall getting it under 4 in Beamng. It’s also only 3300 lbs. and happens to be a blast in Beamng, so yeah… it’s cool lol.


So this is what a Golf R would look like if Porsche made it? Beautiful.


Lol, for me the most unrealistic thing there is the transversely mounted boxer :smile:

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So here’s something a little older, the 1983 Holborn Albion GTi-

Steel panels, galvanised steel monocoque chassis
Double wishbone suspension all round

1751cc turbo SOHC 4V I4
Compression 8.4:1
Mechanical fuel injection
Short cast headers
44mm exhaust
6500rpm redline
135hp @6400rpm
121lb/ft @4900rpm
5-speed manual transmission
Open diff
185/60R14 tyres all round
Solid 1-piston disc brakes front, drums rear
5 seats
Standard equipment includes 8-track, cloth interior, digital clock

0-62mph in 8.8 seconds
Top speed 137mph
24.9mpg (UK)
Approximate cost $17700 (in today’s money)


ahb alberto turbo95

idk what is this and why it exists in another game


Another Aanholt Agile