Hot Lap Challenge HLC round 7: wnb V8 SUPERCARS 15.11.2016, 12.00 (noon) CET

The Hot lap Challenge.

This challenge is a recurring continuous challenge.
The overall CHAMPION is decided simply by who has currently won the most total amounts of rounds.
For each round of the challenge you will be given 7 days from when the rules are posted to send in an entry. After this there will be a 3 day scrutinizing period, before having the results posted at the earliest opportunity.

Overall CHAMPION: @one85db


[ Round Rules found in post 2 ]

The specifications for each championship will be allocated by the winner of the previous round, the Racemaster will then take entries which will face off over the 3 tracks. The total time over 3 different tracks will be added together and then divided by 3 to get the average time, the car with the lowest total time is the Champion.

A small write-up on all competitors and their strong or weak points and how close to the round brief each vehicle was will be provided by the Racemaster. From these reviews the previous round champion picks their favorite car to become the CHAMPIONS PICK. The Champions Pick allows the winner to change/remove or add 1 of the regulations of the next round and select the 3 tracks (only from tracks found at the bottom of this page).

The winner of each round will be crowned CHAMPION for the round and will win the privilege of selection the next championships rules/specifications. If a single user wins a hat trick (3 in a row) on their third win they will not be able to select the rule set for the next round, that duty will go to the race master.

The tracks must be selected for each round by the Champions pick and displayed in the rules for each round, if the Champions pick does not specify which tracks they would wish the challenge to be held on, the Racemaster can decide to
A: Choose the track’s themselves
B: The Racemaster can give the option of track’s to the Champion.
(tracks can be found at the bottom of this page)

Any track from the track sharing section can be used. If a track is not shown here please provide a link and I will add it to the available tracks for use

How the racing system works.
Send your export file to the Racemaster in a PM
The Racemaster will scrutinize the entries

The Racemaster will use the time the car runs on the 3 nominated tracks. The 3 lap times are then added together and divided by 3 to get your final number.

Example Equation.
Track 1: 50 sec Track 2: 75sec Track 3: 40sec


165/3= 55

Final number is 55

The car with the lowest number is the Champion.

Now a few ground rules that must be followed

NO LAU FILE MODS (If you are found to do this you will be banned from the DRC until the Roundmaster see's fit)

Open Beta ONLY

Do not send trojans virus's ect .(if you do this you will be banned for life from the HLC and reported to the Mods and Devs)

Only accepted files from using the Automation export system can be sent

Any mods used must be available through the steam workshop

NO BARTH BODIES (Unless the specs for a round include them)

Competition spots cannot be pre-filled during a current competition


Tyre's must not protrude from the wheel arches

Cars will be scrutinized by the Racemaster. If your car is found to be illegal the following options are to be used and sent back to the Racemaster within 24hrs of the Challenge Host contacting you.

  1. Acceptable revisions are allowed once each round but only if there is a repairable issue with the vehicle and the Racemaster has contacted you to fix it. If the vehicle is somehow completely outside the ruleset (ie a van in a convertible only round) you will be contacted by the Racemaster and allowed to enter 1 new vehicle that is within the ruleset, you will however NOT be able to send any further revisions of this entry.
  2. If two entries are received from a single user that are clearly outside the ruleset the Racemaster Will DQ that particular car and re-open the number 10 spot until either a new competitor fills the spot or the DQ’d competitor sends a legal car back to the Racemaster. If the spot has not been filled in 24hrs of the Racemaster notifying the Challenge community the races will go ahead with the legal entrants.

All vehicles that are entered Must include at least the following fixtures, Front and rear headlights including a visible indicator lens visible at the front/back/sides. Some form of visible door handles. A grill/vents for the radiator. The intercooler piping cannot be exposed through the bonnet_ (unless allowed in the round ruleset and to the discretion of the Challenge Host)If you wish to use a “Clear glass/plexiglass” bonnet by using a grill cutout please be advised that the intercooler piping is BELOW the bonnet line and not protruding. Air filters can protrude from the body work but must have some form of vent/grill around it.

The point is I do not want to see parts just clipping thru the body work, If something clips use trim to hide it or show it off.

Please try to make the cars look like real cars and not just a shell with parts slapped on.

Any rules that state that a car must be “Road Legal” must have at the very least above 0 reliability if it is not mentioned in the rules.

Any questions please ask as I am very open with this.

Do not adjust the factory tabs/settings in any way. All prices will be estimated sale price with markup.

CARS MUST BE NAMED IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER (If your car is not named correctly I may not be able to find it therefor this is an instant DQ)

All vehicle’s are to be PM’d to the Racemaster
Model Design: HLC(what round it is) your user name
Model Trim: your company name and car name
Engine Family: HLC(what round it is) your user name
Engine Trim: your engine name

If anyone is uncertain of the rules please contact the Challenge Host or Race Master so they can clarify and avoid any misunderstandings.

Challenge Host

: @Darkshine5
The Challenge Host is me and this will not change. I am the person who writes the Overall rules, manages this page, settles disputes that may pop up from time to time, I am the Racemaster’s “Boss” recruiting/monitoring/advising/and firing if need be (this would only happen if the greater community has come to the conclusion that the job is not being carried in the spirit of fair competition. However I reserve the right to hand out discipline in the cases of racist/sexist/derogatory towards a individual in any way because of who they are not how they are behaving)
And most important of all I created the DRC and the HLC.

Racemaster: @AirJordan

The Racemaster position is voluntary!
The Racemaster is the person who runs the races, writes the blogs, accepts export files, scrutinizes the entries, discusses the next round Rules with the Champion and Champions Pick, and handles questions about the rules and results.
[ It requires a lot of time and patience as well as linguistic skills, some math ability, and a vivid imagination. So please do not expect race results instantly as real life does affect us]
The Position is not permanent but it is completely up to the current a Racemaster as to how long they can/wish to hold the position. A Racemaster can retire only after the current round has been fully completed. If this is the case a new Racemaster will be found before the rules are revealed for the next round. When selecting a new Racemaster I will ask for volunteers willing to do the job (this can be as low as holding just one round the job has no minimum or maximum expected rounds) When you volunteer I will talk with you privately to be certain you are up to the job, I will then ask the greater HLC community if anyone has an objection (this needs to be valid and not just because you do not like someone) If there are no objections or I deem them irrelevant You will have the job. If more than one person volunteers I will put it to a vote which will be conducted in a 48h time span. If there are no volunteers or acceptable volunteers after 96 hrs of the previous Racemaster retiring I will take over the position until it is filled.
The Racemaster can be fired if they are found to not be competent and or are derogotive towards competitors and/or spectators.

Tracks: (more to come)

Snetterton Circuit

Highlands Motorsport Park

all above track are thanks to @ramthecowy

ATT flying lap
thanks to @Der_Bayer

Laguna seca Flying lap
thanks @07CobaltGirl

Diablo Raceway Flying Lap
thanks @Tyler

Daytona Speedway Oval and Infield

Thanks @07CobaltGirl

Green Hell

Thanks @Der_Bayer

Haruna Downhill

Thanks @Dragawn


Thanks @oldgreg

70’s Mopar Muscle CHAMPION: @AirJordan CHAMPIONS PICK @nialloftara
Early Hotrods CHAMPION: @AirJordan CHAMPIONS PICK @07CobaltGirl
1985 Stock Cars CHAMPION: @one85db CHAMPIONS PICK @lordvader1
Ford 4’s vs Chevy 6’s CHAMPION: @one85db CHAMPIONS PICK @Darkshine5
MR2 CHAMPION: @nialloftara CHAMPIONS PICK @gridghost
Post Oil Land Yachts CHAMPION: @gridghost CHAMPIONS PICK @cyclopticgoat


reserved for rules


You have stated in the rules post that the chassis and body must both be made of steel. However, in 1970, it is possible to construct the chassis out of galvanized steel. Is this allowed? And must the cars be front-engined?

Anyway, this is a nice addition to the list of challenges now that you have a new PC. It reminds me of the DRC you originally hosted, but in the time trial format.

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Nope hardcore steel only. This first round is made to be very easy

I am sure RWD is mandatory. There is no use for FWD or 4x4 in this challenge. But what about fuel systems and fuel types? And are there any restrictions on suspension configurations?

It’s a muscle car. Name a 1970’s muscle car with FWD.

Oh, yeah, go right ahead and edit your posts to make me look like the moron. Good job, Captain Obvious.

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Oldsmobile Tornado. sorry.

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Fair enough, I forgot about the Toronado. Still, that was Longitudinal FWD, if I remember correctly.


yep if we had longitudinal FWD I would allow it. but I just want to see some small displacement big blocks tearing around.
If I have not written it in the rules you can do what you like. Use whateva suspension/fuel system/ body style whateva. It’s only the competitiveness score with the markup that really effects the type of car you build.

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yeah, but it was stil FWD…kinda…sorta.

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Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this rule articulated in any challenge on this forum before. I would hope that this went without saying, because gosh, that’s like a Fort of Dicks move :joy:

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But why?

simply to keep the fuel systems closer. It means that MFI or quad DCoe may not be the best choice. EDIT: And after looking at each individual carb I am going to scrap that rule as it only really effects single barrel eco and we don’t need those

is it bad i have alredy built a ker?

Im still playing with rules so nothing is set in stone yet I have to get some sleep and will come back to this in the morning.

oh, it’s just a basic prototype conforming to the rules at current.

Some questions: tech limitations, budget limitations aside from competitiveness scores? I’m looking at the tyres, in particular.

Also any limitations on tech slider for safety?

psshhhhhh…don’t do that to us strop…just let it go…

Oh another thing, if you are already limiting the max capacity, why limiting max hp as well? I say you choose only one limitation.

it’s already strict enough as is.
anything more, then it’s better to just give us an engine that can’t be changed.

Ok round one is underway the rules are simple. 3 tracks 1 lap each best averaged time wins. Regs found in page 2.