How about some Open Source cars?

Just for fun, after downloading the 2000GT, I spent some time revising it in an attempt to increase its competitiveness, for the sake of company lore and unfettered by the requirements of CSR23. After my revisions, I boosted its pre-markup competitiveness in Gasmea to 103.2 at 65.6% affordability. So is competitiveness in a certain buyer demographic the be-all and end-all in such a competition? I’m not so sure.

My entry for CSR25, It was more of a fun design experiment that didn’t really follow the round guides enough and instead focused on soeed over being a good entry level racer. Maybe someone here can turn it into a true supercar or even hypercar…

**GBF Procurro SR6** Rk38 - CSR25 - (28.9 KB)

This thread has been quiet recently so I will spark some life into it maybe.

Speedemon - Test Sports (23.4 KB)

It is a sports car from 1992 and I have to say I am proud of the job I did. Although I think it could be better. Some places I think need improvement are the suspension setup and the chassis maybe because I just chose a few things and went on to the rest of the car. And yes I know it looks quite basic but it is my test car for when I build a better designed car.


since it’s been a very long time since i posted here, i’ll open source my new car, the Litester, info for which can be found here, i also included a racing concept i didn’t post.

cpufreak101 - (63.5 KB)


Onii-Chan - ADV Modele (21.8 KB)
Onii-Chan - ADV Modele (21.6 KB)
Onii-Chan - Emeraude Le’ (22.7 KB)

Three cars, 2 from Arzami Des Voitures, and one from Émeraude Artisanat. Have fun :smiley:


since CSR28 is over, i’ll give my entry

cpufreak101 - (30.3 KB)

more info here

My entry for CSR25, plus the rejected other idea too.


Rk38 - (107.2 KB)

30 NXP

Rk38 - CSR30A - (25.9 KB)


Own a failed piece of racing history! My entry for the [King of the Hill ] (King of the Hill (Round 6) - #117 by Rk38) challenge round 2.


Rk38 - KotH2 - (46.2 KB)


Here is my entry for Round 2 of King of the Hill, the KMD K125A:

Go ahead and make this thing go even faster around a track such as Le Mans - I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet.

ahertono - KoTH2 - (23.1 KB)

And here is a revised version of my CSR27 entry - the WMD Guardsman PPK Auto. Please note that as originally submitted, it had a manual transmission and its engine had a more aggressive cam profile. The changes made for this latest revision (automatic transmission, milder cam profile) are intended to make it more suitable for police work.

ahertono - CSR27 (24.7 KB)

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Ok, I planned to post some of my random designs here a long, long ago, but now the first car I’ll post will not be one of them, as they are pretty bad. Instead here is a 4th place of the CSR32 - the Griffa Aurion 1.2 ES, a cheap compact with an I6 :slight_smile:

szafirowy01 - CSR32 - (24.4 KB)


Well then, due to the response of people saying the Communitasia is an “automation iconic car” i have decided to update them a bit. The MKII has been almost completely reworked (will post later) and the MK1 received a whole new engine, some slightly new styling (which was admittedly a bit rushed, may post a V2.1 later with better styling) and everything else has been re-tuned. there is still only a single trim for the MK1 though sadly, though I think we all know the MKII is a bit famous for all it’s variations lol. anyway tho, here is V2.0 MK1 Communitasia

cpufreak101 - (20.8 KB)

Link to V1.0


Here is the V 2.0 MKII communitasia as promised

The V2.0 Communitasia MKII comes with some updated styling without departing too far from the original. The engines also feature a couple minor tweaks to make up for losses/changes throughout updates, along with updates simply from an increase in my personal skill. The SOF trim has been removed (still available in V1) and the Russian Made remains untouched. The Tetrad however, has had a complete redesign thanks to Centro Stile Betta S.p.A.(link to his thread is here) and has also been re-tuned with more turbo skills. A N/A variation has also been added

cpufreak101 - Communitasia (160.7 KB)

Link to V1.5ish


Another one of my competition cars: the KWA KX1. I entered this in CSR34 and made the top ten, finishing 7th overall; the only reason it didn’t place higher was its use of complex suspension components. Feel free to create additional variants of this crossover if you wish.

ahertono - CSR34 - (28.8 KB)

And here is an earlier masterpiece from Kramer, the K5 Spider 5.0, which was my entry in CSR35. There is plenty of potential in this one… You could turn it into a softer-edged boulevard cruiser or an aggressive racetrack bruiser, or just leave it as it is.

In fact, part of me wishes that I could drive one of these in Test Drive Unlimited - I reckon that, as it is, it would fit neatly into Class D.

ahertono - CSR35 - (24.1 KB)

Finally, here is my unused idea for CSR36 - a mid-engined sports car that I rejected at the last minute for being too slow and expensive.

ahertono - CSR36 - abg7 (25.0 KB)


I could collab on this if you wish.

Still doesn’t interfere with the Alpenstrasse modifications, I’m sure. :slight_smile:
LLGC! Long Live Galt Communitasia


Here, have something I’m never doing anything with. Was going to be a base idea for a small company, but I can’t be bothered expanding it.

Vri404 - Acrus (25.6 KB)


I can see an uncanny similarity to my Harris CS60 Coupe in the Verona - same body and exterior color, and a very similar front fascia… I can’t wait to take a closer look at it!

And here is a late 90s budget car intended for developing markets, built to sell for <$10k with a 10% markup, and run on regular fuel:

Feel free to do anything you want with it, such as making an upmarket and/or high-performance version.

ahertono - SMG (22.6 KB)

If your tastes lean more towards performance, but you still have a tight budget, try the Hyrix, also from the same company. I intended for it to sell for no more than $15k with a 25% markup in place.

ahertono - SMG (23.0 KB)

Please note that both cars were made using the current stable Kee-engined release.


Another Random car.

Idk what I did with it or why it was made, but was made before my automation went south.

MRVN - Faerun (28.0 KB)


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MRVN - CAZ (22.0 KB)

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