How AI was ruined

Not too long ago, AI was T H E revolution.
Just that I am maybe a bit too old to make real use of it… except I thought, let`s combine that with Automation for a challenge.

At the first try I used Nightcafe which has, sorry, bad quality. But Dall-E 3 seemed perfect. It´s really great. UNTIL YOU WANT TO USE IT!

Actually I wasn´t able to generate anything really usefull at all because of the ridiculous censorship. You pay 20 USD a month for what´s really not usable despite being totally great. I know, you don´t get yet what I mean, so let me create this:

A hippopotamus smoking a cigarette next to a destroyed computer

It is rejected for the following reasons:

  • Smoking is not permitted (WHAT, I AM CLOSER TO DEATH THAN BIRTH; I AM OLD ENOUGH FFS!)
  • Broken objects could mean harm (YOU KIDDING???)

So, Bing used the same great algorithm.
Let´s say it the following way: With 5-minute-mails, I made myself not less than 21 Microsoft accounts. Why? Because it took me 3 minutes to get banned because I was accused of creating NSFW content. Less than 50 percents of the prompts were transferred into images, and if I succeded, I got in trouble because someome is angry, yelling, threatening a computer.

Nevertheless, you will get banned for almost everything. As I do an action cop show that is automation-related, i wanted to portray a fistfight. Meeeep, banned. What about a tank running over a car? Meeeep, banned. And the storyline also includes a young woman (adult, of course), but: Yes, that causes much trouble. Sitting on a sofa? Only for men. Do they think I mean a porno casting couch or what? Had to place Sarah on a bench…

So, whom to place on a sofa? What about

long haired human being, not a man

So, genuinely, do they want us to only create images like

a happy human eating fresh vegan salad with a non-plastic fork in a sustainable environment

FFS that whole thing started off so great, and as a person whose first home computer had MSDOS and who learned most on Win 3.1, that was incredibly fascinating.
But obviously humans tend to shoot themselves in the foot over and over again, since we tend to mistake Orwells 1984 for an instruction and not a warning.

Hippo rant over. I needed to vent right now before I end up doing what my digital equivalent does there in the picture. Even after over 20 bans, Bing at least lets me show broken computers but I didnt want to risk it… Yelling alone seems to be risky enough


Either you’ve set something up wrong, or I have


That’s more like it.

The underlying issue, however, is that in our desire to be as politically correct as possible, we have developed AI generators that are too likely to flag specific words as inappropriate. And it may even be possible that the mere act of entering some inappropriate terms as part of an AI prompt could be considered a crime in some countries.

I might spoiler a bit from the upcoming competition story, but there is a scene where Lars runs out of a burning garage because it has been set on fire by the baddies to destroy evidences. “Fire” isn´t allowed by Bing and therefore I asked Bing AI how to get around the content filter… I think that`s smart… Bing suggested “reddish shine in the background”.

Lars escaping a burning apartment over the balcony is inappropriate as well since, well, it is burning.
But Bing does not have a problem with him jumping out of the window of the 8th floor … when there is no fire.

Just two examples why I think these policies are way too flawed.


maybe something light “torches light up the inside of the building with a reddish glow, reddish shine in the building (as lars jumps out the top of the building)”

that´s Night Cafe. This works and I go back to it for certain scenes where not only happy vegan salad is eaten, but the quality is rather meeeh.


Yeah, but…dragons!!! (I know, it’s more like a werewolf)