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How big a factory is needed?

I’m new and I’m having a hard time matching my production with expected sales. I create cars and can’t find anywhere it will tell me what sales to expect so I can build the proper sized factory. I either end up with a factory that is overwhelmed (and it takes 3 years to build a new one!) or one that’s underutilized and costing me too much. Can anyone help?

Honestly I would like to help, but I have 1600+ hours in this game and…

I’m having a hard time matching my production with expected sales

…too :joy: Don’t worry, the current forecaster is messed up, as it shows values largely unrelated to the actual car sales (it uses a different sales model - should be fixed in the next big update). I’m no expert on campaign, despite playing through a few decades a few times (and finishing it… more than once, for sure), but I’d say that as long as the project is profitable and factory usage is within, say, 70-100%, you shouldn’t worry too much.

Some way to predict could be looking at the target market sizes limited to awareness - you can see that in the market screen in the campaign hub - though that can be quite tedious.


I thought about that, but that only shows money, not units. I guess I could try looking at that combined with the affordability % and maybe coming up with something. Hmmm… thanks for trying to help :slight_smile: