How did I Eff this up?

This is for QFC12. …1992 is the year.

How is my engine family from 2012?

Im not asking yall to re-create my movements but, Im simply wondering how does that happen?

I will check but Im not sure if thats an engine I have for a '12 car and tried to reverse the yr to '92?

I dont remember if I made that engine from scratch or not.

Ive been binned for this before, so there’s SOMETHING Im doing wrong, that I THINK is right…Im guessing.

Should I name my engines a certain way to avoid this?

Please help.

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Depending on when you made that car initially, there was a bug where the engine year defaulted to 2012 regardless of the actual family year.


I saw that bin and I wondered. I realize folks run their competitions the way they want but I found it more kind to let the submitter know of the error at least once before binning, unless it’s just ridiculous on purpose.
Especially with this product, all hell can break loose and you just never know, and it can certainly not be anybody’s fault. We should “pad” our expectations and be mindful of intent and opportunities to correct, imo.

The family here is 1992 as intended.

What’s set to 2012 is the “engine variant year”, which you, as Admiral said, needs to keep track of to be sure that it is set to the correct year.

The difference? Well, if we take an engine I am sure you’re at least somewhat familiar with (knowing that you’re a GM fanatic :wink: ), the smallblock Chevy. The “family year” for all smallblock chevies would be 1955, since that’s when that engine was released. But the only SBC with a 1955 variant year, is the original 265. The 283, for example, could never have an earlier variant year than 1957, since that’s when it was released, even though it is built on the same base as the 265, hence still 1955 family. The 350 TPI was not released until 1985 and would have a 1985 variant year as earliest, but still 1955 family year because it’s still basically the same engine as the 265 in a 1955 Chevy.

But to build a realistic car, that’s stock, the variant year of the engine can’t be newer than the trim year of the car. It would be like if you put that 350 TPI in a 1955 Chevy, it would be a restomod and not an original car. It would also have been absolutely impossible in 1955 because it was 30 years before the 350 TPI existed.

I hope I did explain it clearly enough?

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Same happened to me on the same challenge as I commented on the challenge’s topic as well… My steps where I think I went off is when I duped the car and recreated the engine from scratch. Maybe something like that happened to you as well?

@RAZR I didnt duplicate the car. The only thing i MAY have done was took a 2012 engine and rolled the year back to '92, because I have done that before. But I could’ve swore I made that engine from scratch.

When I started up the game today, I saw something about that the latest hotfix had fixed a bug that set engine variant years to 2012 by default. I guess this fault might have happened because of that bug. (Possible to fix by reverting variant year to 1992 of course but maybe not so easy to think about).