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How do i use steam mods and why are they not showing up when i try to use them?

I am new to automation and i just downloaded some mods off steam workshop. i keep trying to find out how to use them but i can use them, i click enable all mods in the startup menu when it starts but it doesn’t show up anywhere in the real game.

Can someone help me? i really am trying everything i know how to do but they just don’t work.


in order for them to register you need to launch the game through the launcher once after downloading the chosen mods

Is this the launcher? and how do i download them?

Majority of those are incompatible as it says. Try only subscribing to the ones which have “4.24” in the name. Then relaunch this launcher and press play.

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Also, wait until they all process if you haven’t already. Standard stuff if sth doesn’t work - try clearing the Steam cache and verifying locals files.