How do you take screenshots?

When I use the camera in the car creator to take a screenshot, when I search for the picture files but I cant find the pic files. Can someone help me?

You’ll find the photos in the folder: documents/automation/photos!

However they’re only the pictures of the car itself. If you want to take a screenshot of the whole thing, you can either hit printscreen, use a 3rd party program to automatically take screenshots (like FRAPS), or there’s a command you can use by accessing the console. First, hit ~, then type ss(‘name_of_your_screenshot’). The screenshot will appear in the folder documents/automation, with the name whatever you typed between the ’ 's.

Thanks! :smiley:

IF you want to take screenshots when in full screen mode of your car and all of its stats and stuff (camera in game doesn’t take pictures of stats) you can download MSI afterburner for free and that works. OR you can run it in windowed mode and use print screen.

Just giving some options


Problem: When in full screen mode I hit the PrtSc key but it takes the picture of my background instead of my car! :confused:

PrtScr will only work in Windowed Mode. To make fullscreen screenshots, you’ll need 3rd party screenshot software. A few different ones were already suggested. FRAPS works pretty well.

Thanks for the info. I will try FRAPS out and see how it works! :smiley:

If you have Win7, it ships with the snipping tool. It will allow you to screen grabs of whatever you want.