How far the car was legal without catalytic? [Submission close]


I was played in Ellisbury update. I notice how easy to achieve great emission that seem too good to be true; I made a car that passed 11 WES in 1989. Then I remembers a famous Honda Civic CVCC that pass emission test without need catalytic converter in 1975. That CVSS is unique engine head design that help run clearer. I won’t define about that accuracy but that put many American automation in shame. So, I try without catalytic in later than 1975 and it was possible. Then I interest to make first Community Challenges & Competitions for it.

Today is 1982, Honda Civic CVCC is outdate but does car still possible able pass emission without catalytic? Custom won’t interest to see small hatchback with barely hp too. But why car company willing do that in first time? Because car without catalytic will save a lot, right? Right?



  • Model year: 1982, Trim year: 1982
  • Car has to be road legal and reasonable realism: Wipers, headlights, tail lights, brake lights, indicators, reversing lights, an external fuel cap and a rear number plate are required
  • No semi slicks
  • Seats: At least 2 full seats in the front row
  • Open wheel bodies are banned
  • No Pick-up truck (Truck without catalytic is bad realism)
  • Advanced settings: Wheel width, wheel diameter, tyre width, tyre diameter, camber, ride height are not allow to adjust.
  • Price: Suggest minimum $16,000 MSRP, Hard Max: $24,000 MSRP.


  • No catalytic allow :slight_smile:
  • Family year: 1982, Variant year: 1982
  • Fuel: 91 unleaded
  • Loudness: 45 maximum
  • Must pass WES 6
  • No racing parts
  • No V16 engines


  • Engine: Max Total 20 techpool point in Engine Tech. Bottle End will point two techpool point instead one. SOHC two valve will tax one techpool point, add one techpool point each valve add. DOHC will another tax techpool point. Negative are allow but must zero techpool on turbo if not use turbo. Max 8 Techpool on each categorize.

  • Body: Max Total 20 techpool in Body Tech. Chassis in Body Tech will point techpool twin. Negative are allow. Max 8 Techpool on each categorize.


  • Game verison will in Ellisbury Open Beta only



At first I think size (or cargo) will be in 2 star but more weight have sacrificed power to weight and emission, so I’ll impressive if you managed fullsize car without catalytic.

Accelerate, and Tracking laps
Sportness WILL BE NOT JUDGE. I only looking at 0-60, 1/4 drag, Automation lap, and Ellisbury Tri-Ovel.

If you managed pass 7 WES test or more, I will give bound a lot even other challenges’ car are superior state than your. (barely pass will still counting)
Here where WES emission test is.


It nice to have good comfort, or custom will criticize you.

Purchase Price
Car without catalytic will save a lot, right? Right?

Not be a race car. Good reliability will give you bounds.

You cannot got away from this! Muhahaha. Keep in reasonable.

I do not wish to see a one seat with front door like BMW Isetta.


Fuel economy
I not mind if your car MPG is good enough. But if terrible, I will penalty it a lot.

Reasonable realism design and quality maybe give a bound. Interiors won’t be judged.


  • Model name: NoCaty - your username
  • Family name: NoCaty - your username
  • Trim name: Free
  • Variant name: Free
  • Submissions will open on Thursday, 9st November at 00:00 CEST
  • Submissions will close on Sunday, 26th November at 23:59 CEST
  • You need to submit your .car file to me via forum DMs and post an ad in this thread.
  • If one rule is broke, I will give you warning and define reason. Another will bin you. If I found a loophole I disagree, I’ll edit rule and your warning will not count for loophole.


  • Add max 8 Techpool on each Techpool categorize. (I forget to add it.)
  • Deadline extension for one week.
  • Mods are allow.

Warning: That is my first post Community Challenges & Competitions so that maybe run to unexpected mess. Also my write skill maybe terrible.


I might be misremembering my US auto history here, but wasn’t one of the factors of the major popularity rise of pick-ups due to them being marked as commercial vehicles and therefore having laxer emissions laws?


it was.


Although the EPA had mandated the fitment of catalytic converters in cars as early as 1975, it took until 1993 for any and all new cars sold in Europe to have them as standard as part of Euro 1 emissions regulations.


And still is. Said exceptions remain active today, even though I’d argue they aren’t necessary anymore.

Its interesting to have a competition based on the new emissions system, makes a good way to explore it. I’m interested to see where this goes!

Also, given that this challenge is based on US emissions laws, are we building are cars for the US market specifically, or just in general?


Interesting challenge. Just yesterday I’ve built a test 1998 hatch with a no-cat engine passing WES 9, so I’ll definitely try to enter.

You can made in general. If large comfort and size bounds point for as specific US Markets will nice.

I sugest ban VVL as it will make this not a challenge

Bland Motors present

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Buy one if you’re uninspired!

OOC moderately fun facts

0-100 km/h in 8.8s and passes WES 8, beat that :sunglasses: Also this is the second time I use that brand, in the ancient times this would be an Orion, but I feel like this car makes too little sense even for that.


WES 8 compliant:
Roamer ArZ


Been while. Current total challenger that successful submission was only TWO. (@Mausil and @Hshan). That is not enough. And also inactive for full week. Do you think I sould extension one week?

It would be nice to get some more competition, but seeing low interest I’m not sure if an additional week will help with that. Either way would be ok for me, I can wait for my review.

I vote 1+ week

so do i, i might start on an entry to get an extra submission in

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I decide I extension deadline time. Hope come more challenger.

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just for clarification, were not allowed to use any fixture mods right? so none of those custom headlight mods?

I decide mods are allow. Because I found out I can download mods while in game and in-game can recognize missing mods. But the real reason is just help come more challenger.

I’ll see if I can whip up something from an existing model :slight_smile:

Submission is now close. I believe total submission is still two. But I have to move on, I will written short story and the winner. Probably on night Tuesday.

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