How on earth do I download .car files?

I’m bad at Automation and I need some templates but can’t seem to find any templates. HELP

What do you mean by templates, then? Is it a .car file? If so, click on the download link and save it to AutomationGame/Saved/UserData/CarSaveImport.

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Abg was correct about location where .car files are to be put, but i sense that isnt what is troubling you…
This is however something we cant really help with too much, unless given specifics.

Game is supposed to have in-built tutorials and challenges, but dev team is going through extensive changes to game and they will dedicate themselves to this after all planned big stuff is over

Best you can do is make car yourself and fail many times until you get it right, marked by many, many, many questions to fellow players and fair bit of searching around Internet.
Its likely you will attempt to make camper van, big luxury US car, kei car, rally car, shitbox, Corolla, hypercar, something that seemed like a good idea but turned out not to be such, SUV…well maybe not, but its fair to see that you would have many options and would need to approach them tad bit differently from each other

Regardless of trying to make car that doesnt seem like fixtures seemingly randomly placed on car body (and therefore making it look like car) or trying to get those welds for motorcycle frame project just right (no, game cant support motorcycles, but ppl can make lot of stuff using fixtures-you may decide making houses, robots, waifus, planes, trains…is more of your jam), community is best way to get the answer.

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and be sure to download ALL the mods, or just about all of them. The stock fixtures leave a lot to be desired. If you find that you like a fixture, favorite it and you’ll find it somewhat easier to locate next time.

That said, this game isn’t easy, so take it slow and build something you like. There’s also the matter of Beam export, if you have that game. Bringing them to life in Beam is my main thing. Sometimes I get knocked down for “bad drivability” or “low comfort” but really I’m just optimizing my car for Beam, so I can enjoy it. Automation stats aren’t really the end-all answer.

Aight, thanks guys :smiley: