How should the building exteriors look like?

Hey guys,

It’s still early, but let’s give our beloved devs already some serious inspiration. :wink:

So the basic idea is to post exterior shots of car factories, if possible from every decade.
From a small, medium, big or a huge multi-national, every photo is welcome.
Links to certain albums and dropping ideas are also allowed. :wink:

Fiat - Lingotto factory:

Alfa Romeo - Portello:

More photo’s of the former Portello factory

I could go on and on with posting pics and links, but i’m also counting on you the (rest of the community) ofcourse. :mrgreen:

Yay! More pics :slight_smile:

Also is that a test track in the roof?!

Yep its a Fiat factory in Turin. The cars would move upwards during assembly and end up on the roof for the test drive.

wiki link

Woah… test track on the roof indeed :smiley: insanity and genius can be so close at times haha

Here are some period Ford Factory pictures from my collection. I can scan more factories if you’d like.

Ford Detroit 1915

Ford Detroit 1920

Ford Detroit 1924

Ford Rouge Plant 1928

abandoned TVR factory (not sure how much help these would be?) … -town.html

also, massive content of the old Rover plant at Longbridge … avy-23541/

Ellesmereport vauxhall plant after opening in 1962

I say the top gear where they walked round the tvr factory was sad and just abandoned

but that rover factory is just like every1 walked out with cars on the monorail still etc its very weird to look at guess it aint like that any more well i no it aint its just rubble but still amazing to see all they half finished cars and prototypes etc

We had a portuguese small automaker called UMM and their facilities were basically three giant barns, one for storage and chassis mounting, the second for assemble the rest and the third with the offices and the auto repair.

that fiat factory i noticed when watching it again the other week is in the Italian job

“now look for a exit we cant drive round here all bloody day” :smiley: :laughing:

Current Day Ford Dearborn Plant (Yes that is grass on the roof)

Ford Flat Rock Plant '70s

Ford Works Jenningtree Point, Belvedere '70s

Ford Richmond CA Plant

Arrol Johnson Factory

how many modern day factory does ford have then? i know they have 1 in Dagenham in the UK near London thats huge lol

The Perkins factory in Peterborough where i work.

biggest supplier of diesel industrial engines in the UK

currently surppling Cat (owners) John Deere, Massey Ferguson and Mcormick to name a few

World wide 70+ IIRC