How the naming is supposed to work?

So uh, hello all. I was just wondering, how is the naming meant to be? I mean the model, trim, family and variant? Is the model meant to be the platform, like Chrysler LH platform? And the trim is meant to be the actual name, like Chrysler Concorde? With the engines I dont have even the slightest clue on how the naming is meant to work.

Umm, whatever you wish? And whatever fulfills your needs? For some cars I use the model as an actual name and the trim as the variant name - for example:

Zavir Luna 2.0 Lusso
Model: Zavir Luna
Trim: 2.0 Lusso

But for some cars I use the model as a platform name and trim as the full name of the car:

Zavir 97L 4.0i
Model: Zavir 97/99 (because these two are based on this platform)
Trim: 97L 4.0i

For the engines - I think it’s easy… You have the engine family (a block of a certain size, cylinder layout and material and a head of a certain type, valve count and material, which are unchangeable inside a family), and then you have the engine variant, which id the actual engine. For example:

Family: S42E - full aluminium V6 with 4.2 litre basic capacity (which can be lowered to some extent) and 4 valve DOHC
Variant: 0MA - first variant using the basic capacity and multipoint injection
Full engine name: S42E-0MA

Real world example:
Family: RB
Variant: 26DETT
Full engine name: RB26DETT

As simple as that. In fact all this naming is just for you, so you can use it however you see it suitable - the only exception is taking part in challenges, but the vast majority of them has their clear rules about naming.