How to change my website nickname?

Hello. When i register this account i use my real name, but now i want to use my nickname as i use everywhere. But i don’t find a setting where i can did it.

So, can anybody help me?

You need to ask one of the moderators to do that, there’s no setting.

fixpls lol

I don’t think there’s any flaw to be fixed in that. Easily accessible name changing could be overused by some people, leading to low recognition and potentially more tedious moderation if they become problematic. In general, unnecessary chaos. So far I know of just 3 people on the forum (including me) who got their username changed, so there doesn’t seem to much need for that either (and it proves it’s possible when it has to).

I mean, more people would probably change their nickname if it was an option, and they could make once in like 4 months or something

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If you want to change your name just message one of us moderators. We will change it for you, its not hard to do for us at all.

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I’m a lazy antisocial fuck, but ok I’ll try lol