How to download and play game

I am a computer retard I guess, because for the past 45 minutes I havent been able to successfully download, login and play automation or figure out how or where to input my key I got for the full version.

Any one have a link or something?

The only download I got i accidentally exited when I was in the game and could play sandbox and the shortcut on my desktop is to reinstall the game or some thing.

You’ve already activated your account, so you just need to go here and download and install the launcher, which then downloads the game for you:

ok and then where do I enter my key? or I dont?

everytime I hit playgame it says active key not found?

Two things to ask to find out what is going on:
You do use this account spelt with capital letters to log into the game?
You have not converted your key to Steam I assume?

?Yes I do login like that

and yes I did I thought I had to :S?

If you converted to steam you have to enter the steam key into steam and download the game from there.

ok but when Im on the steam thing it only has a button I can see for purchasing it not for inputting a key code?

Activating a Product on Steam


Thanks ?I got it working but I still cant play campaign, I saw a video on youtube a guy played campaig I am pretty sure?

Campaign is not available, must have been Scenarios.

The Campaign mode is NOT in the game yet, that is being worked on. The Sandbox and Scenarios are the only things that are working right now, multiplayer should be back in a future patch as well.